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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An offer you can't refuse!

I've followed Cyndi's Beading Arts blog for quite sometime now...and even purchased a few of her ebooks on beading!  A gal can't have enough books on beading you know!  Plus, her ebooks are very thorough, as are her blog posts and tutorials!

And now, Cyndi is putting an offer to promote artists on her blog.  You have several ways to promote yourself...all you have to do is send Cyndi an image of your work, your artist profile or a tutorial you've done.  You can't beat this offer so make sure to check out Cyndi's blog here. And get your work out there!!!

And while I'm talking about Cyndi's blog...look what I received in the mail last week!
  Woohoo!  I won the premiere issue of Artist & Maker's magazine, along with two others from one of  Cyndi's post offers.  It's quite an interesting magazine.  Lots of different artists that are profiled, which makes it fun to read about, as well as how they got started and are continuing in their artist path.  You can find out more about the magazine here.  Thanks again, Cyndi!

Bob and I had date night tonight...heading out to our favorite restaurant for 99 cent margarita's and their Alambre dinner, which is fabulous!!  It's a dish most folks don't even look's grilled shish kabob (beef or chicken - chicken is my favorite) with onion/bell peppers, rice, beans, guacamole salad and pico de gallo...wonderful and you always have leftovers to take home.  I freeze the meat and then fry up more peppers and onion then serve with tortillas...just like having fajitas at home!

Tomorrow the 'gang' is meeting at Blanca's to celebrate Harvey and my birthdays!  Then back to Harvey and Susan's house for cake...which is being made by our resident baker, Verna!  Can't wait for that cake!!!   I'll be sure to take pictures!

Friday, Carol and Tony are joining us for my BD dinner at Harry's...yum...then Saturday I leave for my sisters for a visit!!  Can't wait to see her!!!!

So I'll most likely be so stuffed full of food I won't be able to type!  Actually, I'm busy making fiber cards and knitting my shrug!  I just have to pick up stitches on both edges, knit a few rows, then attach to finish!  It's cute and so far I think it will look good on!  Let's hope.  I love my Enveloppe piece I's perfect for the cooler, winter weather here in Florida!!   So until next week...stay warm or use sunscreen...depending on where you live!


  1. Aha... the pace is picking up! Have a wonderful birthday and celebration. Is the dinner at El Toreo or another restaurant? It sounds yummy. Abby in for her vet appointment today.


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