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Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday - Part 2

Saturday started off with picking up Susan and heading to the Villages Community for a quilt show.  We've gone to this show in the past and this year I think it was better than before.  Quite a few modern quilts, which I prefer...but I still appreciate the traditional ones as well.

I'm just going to post pictures of some of the quilts....the first one was one of the best workmanship pieces I saw!!  The words around this quilt were hand appliqued as was the entire quilt...but can you imagine hand appliqueing those words!!!  Just beautiful!!!

Just beautiful.....just a appears that the background lines are stitched...they aren't.  The fabric has blue lines which were hand quilted in between!  Really nice effect!

One of my favorites for sure!!

I know this just looks like a nice 'block' quilt but it s was an interesting piece in that it was reversible!  Once again beautifully done and interesting binding and block attachment.  Something called "cotton theory reversible quilt"???

There were so many was embroidered quilts...these are two that I thought interesting..

It appeared to be quite heavy...obviously due to all the thread work!  But beautiful to look at.

This was an adorable kitten quilt...embroidered, but I didn't get a picture of the whole quilt.  Nicely done...beautiful quilting too

Next up was a really unique bargello pieced quilt.

You really need to click on this to appreciate the way the quilter incorporated the multi colored fabric in the piece, as well as the unique way it was quilted.

That was something both Susan and I seems folks are 'wanting' to be free motion quilters or just machine quilters and they're taking away from their quilts by too much machine quilting.  There's a reason you 'stitch in the ditch' and some of the quilts would have been so much more interesting without all the machine quilted circles!

The quilter did a great job quilting the bargello quilt...another reason it was one I really liked.

This was a really nice modern quilt....

I love the colors in this piece!  And workmanship was wonderful..I think it did get an Honorable Mention.  Very well executed.

As was this one...once again, the workmanship and quilting were beautiful!

The quilting enhanced this piece so much. It all boils down to how quilts are quilted!  The piecing of the quilt is so important but the beauty of a quilt can be ruined or enhanced by your quilting.

So hope you enjoyed 'taking a trip and not leaving your chair'!!!  The show was very nice and Susan treated me to lunch at Mimi's...yum!!!!


  1. Seeing these quilts in person must have left quite the creative imprint on your eyes and mind. Stunning...

  2. I enjoyed the show, too. It was packed! Do you follow Flourishing Palms blog? It's Linda Hungerford's and she's the organizer of the Modern Guild near The Villages, and the maker of Dandelion Clock which you have some pics of. She's very talented.

  3. This looks like it was a good show. I love the use of the multicolored fabric in the bargello quilt. (You are right about the quilting.) I was just in FL (close to The Villages--we drove past them); we visited some friends in Ft. Myers and Hobe Sound, and I spoke to a quilt guild in Mt. Dora.


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