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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday update on Saturday

Here's some more progress on my BJP for March. The kite is coming along. I'll have straight, yellow lines placed vertically next to the triangles. Funny, susan and I were talking about 'chalking' up your background piece and how we don't do that. Well, I don't do that when doing hand applique but I been finding myself 'chalking' my BJP pieces! I use a chalk Bohin mechanical pencil that I just love. I can make the fine lines I need for my zentangle beading.
Friday, Carol, Peggy and I headed off early for the Market of Marion, which is a super large flea market. I didn't take ANY pics yesterday! Not sure what's up with that! Not even at our WONDERFUL lunch at Jitterz! It's a small cafe that's open only for breakfast and lunch..but what great food. seems like that's all I talk about is food, isn't it! What can I say, I like, no make that, love food!
We walked for a long time at the market up and down aisle after aisle and it was fun to see all the items for sale. And some items that you just didn't ever think you would see at a market. It was fun and I sure know where to find unique items "if" I need/want them.
Of course, I had to buy something! Carol and Peggy each found watches which were unique and looked nice on both of them.

But check out one of my purchases! It's acrylic paints baked on glass. I LOVE it..I spotted it quickly and just had to have it - and for only $28! You can hang it on the wall of sit like a picture on your table.

After the market and lunch, we walked to Gallery East, an art gallery Peggy takes watercolor lessons at. What a NICE gallery it was. Beautiful paintings, sculpture, jewelery, cards, etc. I was especially intrigued by the work of David D'Alessandris. I can't locate a web site for him nor does the gallery have a posting of any of his work but appears their web site will be updated soon. His work looks more to me like art quilts or collage work. Really, really nice.

After Gallery East we headed home but stopped at another small gallery and I purchased this necklace! $14!

It looks good on black! Maybe I'll even wear it tonight! It's been raining off and on today and temp is only in the 50's so it might be turtle neck weather tonight at dinner!
Tonight, we were invited to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (I know it's hard to keep track of all our favorites!). It's called Stumpknockers
and I/we can't wait for dinner. Bob and I just had some soup for lunch and all we talked about was what we were getting for dinner tonight. Stumpknockers makes the BEST deep fried shrimp. They are fried with the lightest batter I ever had! They also make the best blue cheese dressing and their key lime pie is just the final part of a great dinner.
I'm off to finish the last load of laundry and then to sew! Tomorrow, Carol and I are headed off to Cracker Days at Silver Springs Park! Maybe I'll come across some new finds that I just have to have!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilts at the Museum and girls day out!

What a great day! We took off early this a.m. and headed to Gainesville to the museum to see the Quilting Natural Florida II exhibit, then off to the Yarnworks to buy some yarn. My yarn purchase is below in green. I was looking for some beaded silk yarn similar to the brown lace scarf I made shown in the pic below. I couldn't find two skeins in the same color with I settled (life is tough isn't it!) for these two pretty green skeins in the silk yarn.

We also stopped at a pet store that sells natural products for dogs. What a great place! Of course, Mandy had to get a treat! This is her cookie and named appropriately.

Mandy just got a small bite of cookie before her dinner!

Here's the quilt show more talking/writing for me. It's taken me over an hour to upload pics.
The artist and quilt info is first, quilt then follows. ENJOY! Make sure you click on the pictures to see them up close. The workmanship was wonderful and very impressive.