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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mid week

I've been busy working on my 'puzzle'...ugh...long story on that later...and finishing up my BJP for February , which is more successful..but no pics to share yet. I'll take some later today.

The picture above is my Underwater Fantasy panel I made two years ago while in Florida. I posted on this before but didn't have any new pics to share so thought I'd post it again....also, looking at this piece I got some inspiration for one of my BJP months and I think I'll do an underwater theme.

This is a detail shot of the turtles. I printed them using InkAid on my fabric and then colored in with some fabric paints and Pebeo expandable paint to enhance their shell. I enjoyed doing the beading for the ferns or whatever they were on the bottom of the water! Guess it's good to look back on your 'old' art work. Who knows..could be inspiration for a new piece of art work!
So while working away in my mind and actually working on art or golfing, we always have to take a break! So, Wed. night 14 of us met for margarita's, food and talk at our favorite restaurant, El Torre's! We ended up getting seated in the 'bar''d think we were noisy!

We did have a good time and of course the 99 cent margarita's can't be beat! They aren't strong at all which Bob and I like. We just like the flavor of the mix.

This was Bob's dinner! Not was just one taco which came with his dinner! We usually order two appetizers or their special of the night but we 'lived on the edge' and each ordered a combination dinner which was great!
This was my dinner! and I ate it all! Yep, I was SO good! OK, Marilyn, I didn't eat my tomato's!
Some of us took food home! We usually do and I'm disappointed I don't have leftovers!! Patricia and Pat will!

Some folks had lunch out and then met us for dinner too! I think it shows they are tired of eating out!
And the last of the margarita' good!
Weather has been holding up...sunny and warm enough for not wearing a jacket. It's 64 degrees out @ 8:25 a.m. and it's suppose to get up to 75 today and possible rain later today. Cooler weather is coming this weekend but as long as the sun is out it's fine with us. Weaver's meeting tomorrow which is always fun and I'll have pics of my February BJP to post.
Carol and I are taking off later this a.m. to do some shopping, post office, Michael's and coffee at Panera's!

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