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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilts at the Museum and girls day out!

What a great day! We took off early this a.m. and headed to Gainesville to the museum to see the Quilting Natural Florida II exhibit, then off to the Yarnworks to buy some yarn. My yarn purchase is below in green. I was looking for some beaded silk yarn similar to the brown lace scarf I made shown in the pic below. I couldn't find two skeins in the same color with I settled (life is tough isn't it!) for these two pretty green skeins in the silk yarn.

We also stopped at a pet store that sells natural products for dogs. What a great place! Of course, Mandy had to get a treat! This is her cookie and named appropriately.

Mandy just got a small bite of cookie before her dinner!

Here's the quilt show more talking/writing for me. It's taken me over an hour to upload pics.
The artist and quilt info is first, quilt then follows. ENJOY! Make sure you click on the pictures to see them up close. The workmanship was wonderful and very impressive.

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  1. Oh my goodness, no wonder it took an hour to upload these photos! I don't even know how to upload that many photos to my blog. They are beautiful. Just a quick thanks for sharing and now I'm going to go back and click on them, see them closer. What a fun time it sounds as though you had!


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