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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I didn't fall off the earth!

Geezzz....we retiree's sure are busy! But isn't that great! Sure beats sitting around eating bon bons..ok, just to be honest...I have been eating the bon bons but I've been very busy as well!

To start with, I wanted to share two more fiber Valentines I received! The first one was my 'secret' Valentine from our CCC fiber post card exchange. This was made by Chris W. Isn't it wonderful! Chris does wonderful fabric art and in particular with mud cloth. I'm anxious to hear from her on her inspiration and the materials she used for my card. Thanks, Chris!!! I love it!

My next fiber post card came from my friend, Mary. I was surprised to get one from her but it's funny because I sent her and my friend Carol T. both one as a surprise for them! I haven't heard if Carol rec'd hers and Joetta (name I drew for the exchange) hadn't rec'd hers yet!! Isn't this a neat card!

Two weeks ago I took a free form peyote class at the bead shop here in Ocala. I had so much fun and enjoyed our instructor so much I took another class from her last week called 'tube peyote'. Here are some of Lynn's (our instructor) sample bracelets. The tubes in the bracelet are what we were taught in class.
Here is another of Lynn's tube peyote pieces. She made earrings to go with her bracelet.

This was Lynn's 'place mat' working on another bracelet. she's adding the large beads in between her tube peyote beads.

Here are my tubes I finished in class. We each made four that day and Lynn said she's never had a class make four in one session! We are working with the Delica #15 beads and it's a challenge for the old eyes for sure! I started off working in surprise there is it!

That same night of class I was so pumped I started some more! I happen to have in my 'stash' (no surprise there either, right!) some delica's in different shades of pinks so I made two. The next night I decided to try a larger bead which is the lighter green tube.

So what am I going to do with these tubes...a bracelet?? Maybe, but the main reason I took the class was to learn to make the tubes for my March BJP! I'll be posting pics of my March journal when I catch up on all my other activities and pictures! The tubes will be perfect for the BJP and I can't wait to make some more! I just have to finish up my journal and then decide what color I'm going to make the tubes in.

Last night Susan and Harvey invited Marilyn, John, Bob and I over for dinner and what a dinner it was! Chicken Parmasan, rigatoni, salad, garlic bread and great conversation! We had such a nice evening and the food was delicious and did I mention Harvey did the cooking! From what Susan has told us Harvey is a great cook (and another reason why she married him!). He certainly proved to us he can cook!

Later this week, five of us are headed to Gainsville to see the Quilting Natural Florida II exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This should be a good show of quilts from artists portraying their perception of natural Florida. We're also going to Yarnworks which is suppose to be the largest yarn shop in North Central Florida. Of course we'll be having lunch somewhere which is always exciting! On Friday, Carol, Peggy and I are going to Market of Marion which is one of the largest flea markets I've seen! I've always wanted to see what this place is all about so I'm pretty excited about that trip as well.

Weather has been beautiful although yesterday around 4:30 we had a bad thunderstorm which lasted about 15 min. Cleared up in time to head to dinner and today sun is shining and beautiful. We are suppose to get a 'cold' spell...50's which isn't cold for me! I love that weather and if the sun is shining doesn't matter to me!

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