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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beading and Robins

I started working on my March BJP2010 journal piece. My friend, Susan, suggested I do a kite for March! Susan mentioned that March was kite flying time for kids and I guess adults. hmmmm Guess we didn't fly many kites on the farm back in Pennsylvania or it's one of those things I chose to forget! I can just see me, being the coordinated kid I was (NOT!) flying a kite. I'm not even good at it now with the grand kids! But I did think Susan's kite idea was a great one. So....
I had a yard of fabric I that I tried some 'tray dyeing' on last year and thought it rather ugly. I brought it to Florida to over dye or shibori but as I was trying to find a piece of fabric for my background I thought this piece would work. I sandwiched and quilted it, trying to keep zentangles in mind a bit with the quilting.

Then I did a zentangle for the kite on paper. I just laid it on top of my quilted piece.
You'll see in the next picture where I started the beading that I switched the circles and put them on the bottom right. i think this will look much better because of the angles of the two sides. I am having fun working on this but those circles sure take time!! Whew! But it's good TV work so I won't complain.
I'm doing the kite in all primary colors (red, blue, yellow & adding green). I'm also going to have the kite tails made of beads and 'TA DA' use my peyote tubes on it! I'm also going to try to make a larger peyote tube that will be the 'holder' of the string. Let's hope my 'bright' ideas come to pass!
I'm also quilting on my 20" x 20" piece for Dijanne's KISS challenge. This is a real challenge for me because the only embellishment you can do is with threads and straight stitching! No beads! No painting! Yikes! But I have to admit it is making me think of other design opportunities and how you can keep a piece 'simple' but effective. At least I hope my piece will be 'simple and effective'! I'll post pics sometime this weekend of my progress and my design.

The robins are coming!! We must have hundreds, and I mean hundreds of robins here vacationing in Ocala, Fl. Several of our friends have commented for the past few weeks about the number of robins on the golf course. The other morning at breakfast we noticed a huge amount of robins on our neighbors rooftop. Well, by the time I got out the camera, ran outside and slammed the door by accident, there was only one robin remaining! Little guy just stayed on the here he is! Or maybe it's a she..either way, the robins are vacationing and getting ready to head up north! So to our friends and family back home, hang in there! Spring is on it's way. You'll most likely have to click on the picture to actually see the robin!

The rest of this week is going to be quite busy! Tomorrow is girls day out, Friday is girls day out and Sunday Carol and are are going to Rainbow Springs State Park for Cracker Days and plant sale. It's always fun to walk through the park but not sure the flowers will be out this year as they have in the past. There's quite a few artists, weavers, spinners, plants, ceramics and other items for sale. Should be a lot of fun the next few days so only hand work at night will get done!


  1. Girl, the stitched zentangle is gonna be awesome, can't wait to see it when you're finished!

  2. Looking good Robbie! My KISS is on the move too! I'm finding it very challenging. I'll post some photos at the weekend too!


  3. I quilt, but have never wanted to do machine quilting... that is, before I saw the background to your kite piece. Immediate switcheroo, and you're to blame! The zentangle approach to quilting and beading is fascinating to me... Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!

    Robin A.

  4. I have found that I end up using so much of what I have considered ugly fabrics I have made. Partly this is to save the beautiful pieces, but the so called ugly ones really do get used more often. I don't find yours ugly at all and your use of it here is wonderful. I will enjoy watching your progress on this.

    We have a few robins that stick around all winter here in NW Oregon but recently a large influx of them moved in from their wintering ground. We actually had to mow the grass and the robins were flocking to the short turf and hopping around with their cocked heads, looking for bugs.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, sounds like fun!

  5. Well, ugly or not, that fabric is a perfect background for a March kite flying piece!

    I've quickly scanned back through recent posts and have to say that I really like the white gel pen on black paper Zentangles. I have some black paper; guess I'll have to get a white pen or two!


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