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Thursday, February 18, 2010

SAQA 12"x12" donation quilt

Here's my 'one square foot' donation quilt for SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). Each year members donate a 12"x12" quilt which raises money for this organization. You can read more about the auction on the SAQA web site. This picture is a little distorted colorwise but if you look at the quilt in progress you'll see the true colors.
This was a batik fabric I bought at the Fabric Art Store earlier this month. it was my inspiration. I loved the circles and thought it would be fun to quilt as well.
I added a strip of 'pink' in the middle which I thought would add some interest to the finished give me an opportunity to add some paint! I quilted the circles in circles and did straight lines on the strip piece.

I covered the pink strip with masking tape and then rolled on some pink acrylic paint on top of my quilted circles.
Here's the piece painted with the exception of the middle strip. I had to mix up several different colors to get the right shade for the middle strip which you will see in the final pictures.. Pink painted and now ready for some beading, of course!

Here's a closeup of beaded circle I added. It might be hard to see but I also added beading on the edge vs traditional binding. I've used this technique in the past and decided this year to edge all my BJP pieces with beads. I'm thinking of using beads for my binding in my future works as much as I can as well. I do paint the edges with acrylic paint before I added the beads on the edges.

Finished 12"x12" - you can see the #8 seed beads on the edges and the color is true in this picture.
Temp is up to 55 and sun shining. Bob's golfing but still complaining about the cold mornings. We had frost on the ground again but it does warm up so quickly and it beats the snow back home!! I have to keep reminding him of that!


  1. Great line, color and texture! Great blog too.

  2. Looks great!!! I use the beaded picot edge stitch on many of my quilts too... It's different and fun. Love the pink stripe and the beaded circle!

    Robin A.


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