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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine, Zens and Beads

Isn't this the cutest fiber Valentine! It was in my mailbox from my friend Susan here in Florida! The heart is hand appliqued by her and I'm really happy to have a piece of her handwork. THANK YOU, SUSAN!
Still playing with my zentangles using the white on black. I'm trying to play around with some quilting designs at the same time, keeping in mind my BJP's and future art pieces.

I had saved a picture of a vase I found in the paper last fall and was playing with the design/pattern from the vase. Good idea for quilting I think.

I love the white on black...did I mention that! I can also see this as an art quilt..maybe some beads for circles???
I can really see most of these patterns in bead work and quilting.
So I got playing with leaves...not sure how this would work out quilting unless the piece was quite large...but that's an idea.
I forgot to post pictures from my bead bracelet class last week. Here's my finished free form peyote bracelet! Lynn Hagen taught the class at The Bead Stand last week. Lynn was a great instructor and had no problem explaining the basic peyote stitch to me! I'm taking another class from her this week which is tubed peyote. I still need to put on my closure but I haven't decided if I'm going to use a large button or bracelet closure(s).
I got the bug from the class and made another bracelet! The first one I just used leftover beads in my stash. This time I wanted a blue colorway and of course I had to buy some new beads! That's not really a hole in either bracelet. Lynn calls this 'extra' piece a bridge!
The picture above is my newest purchase from The Bead Stand. It's called the Bead Tube Tower and I love them! Yep, I needed two for all my beads.
When you're working you attach them together in a triangle (Velcro) and when you are traveling or at a class you put the tower in this hand plastic bag with handles! I love this system. It's so easy to see all my beads and to keep them organized.

I put all my seed beads in one tower and my bugle shaped beads in another one. and yes, I've filled both of them! Not surprising is it.
I've been working on my SAQA donation piece and I should have it finished with the exception of the binding by Wed. to post pics. I will need to pick up some larger beads to bind the piece with. I'm beginning to really like binding my art pieces with the beads rather than a traditional binding. I know it won't work on all my pieces but so far I'm liking the look.
Temp was 31 @ 7:08 a.m. but it's already up to 57 @ 11:14 a.m. Bob's a happy camper to be golfing in warmer weather again! Some showers are expected tonight but as far as the day goes it's beautiful out. I'll head out for my walk after lunch. A girl's gotta eat, right!


  1. Cute Valentine! anything with dogs on it I love. Your new bead storage is great! How wonderful to be able to see all those beads at a glance, instead of having to paw through some drawers as I do. You sure do some nice work. That second zentangle reminds me of Aboriginal drawings.

  2. I am really loving the zentangles on black paper, they are art all in themselves. Do you think you could achieve the same effect on fabric with white thread? MY stitching isn't up to that, but I'm betting yours is. :D

    And what a lucky beader you are, that set makes me drool.


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