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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Weavers Works!

Ladies enjoying some time before our meeting started. Theo (on the left) was kind enough to have us at her house this month.

Show & Tell started with Betty showing some of her weaving from the past few months.
These towels were from a weavers exchange. Each person made three and you got three in return.

Some more weaving Betty did. check out the sail boats! If I remember correctly, she had some trees on another side.
Yep..I was are the trees!
and some woven trees on Christmas cards Betty made this year.
another unique woven piece
these were so soft and just beautiful!
and more....yes, Betty was busy!
I want some of these!
Caryl brought a doll making book she purchased to show the group.
Caryl is really getting into making dolls and doing a great job. check out one of her latest creations! Her skirt is made with the chalk/milk soaked fabric we did last winter.
I love her hair and the little flower! And her smile is so sweet!

Dianna makes board games! All with recycled materials! They are really sturdy too!! Very clever and nice job for recycling!

This was a fiber post card one of the members received. It has a slot for a note too. Very clever.

Theo enjoyed our 'zentangle' lesson last month and went to town making cards! I think she made at least 10-15 cards! some were even colored in with gold ink. Check out a close up of some of Theo's cards further down on my post.
some weaving Theo did this past month or two!
i just love seeing all the woven items these women make!
The colors are great and some were made with sock yarn! Who knew!
Here's a closeup of Theo's zentangles! Aren't they great!!! You are good student, Theo!
These are some of Theo's cards she has made in the past! She's quite clever and nice too!
My buddy, Susan, showed her stained glass piece she's working on. I won't post anymore pics of it since she'll be entering is some of the larger IQA or AQA shows. I can't wait to post a picture of it with a blue ribbon!!!

I love seeing what everyone does at these meetings. They are all so talented and it's certainly inspirational seeing what they do month to month!

I had my peyote bead class today and it was GREAT! I'll post pics by the weekend. Tomorrow Susan, Verna and I are off to Trenton to a quilt shop, lunch, walk the town and maybe have some dessert!


  1. What a talented bunch you have there!
    I am always blown away by lovely weaving; never had the patience for it. Tried it a couple of times and decided I must be one of those *messy, instant gratification* artists.....LOL!!!!
    The zentangle cards were absolutely wonderful---each of those designs, photographed, and done in a long frame..... :)


  2. Wow, you all do some wonderful work. I know how much time that weaving can take so I really can appreciate the beauty of those pieces. The zentangles are totally fabulous! Have a great weekend.


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