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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Cyano Printing on Paper Day 2

 Here are results from my 2nd day of Cyano printing on paper!  This is tooooooo much fun!!!!

These are dried plants/weeds my friend Donna and I picked up on our walk last week.  Trees are just starting to bud out so I didn't have a lot of leaves, etc. to pick from!  But these worked!

I am really happy with this print.  Each of  these watercolor papers are 11"x14"

Yep, Donna spotted some dried pussy willows!   I love the way they printed!

This was the 1st print I did with pussy willows.  I think I like the one above better...but this still decent!

My favorite!  I will be cutting these up into smaller sizes and I think they'll still show up quite nice. 


 I usually order from Amazon Strathmore 105-250 Photo Frame Cards Cutout Window, 40 Cards & Envelopes. 

Currently I use some of my quilts that I've cut up to put in the window of the cards.  I think cutting these up would make nice Christmas cards!  Yes, I need to think about Christmas..I didn't send out any cards this past year...I needed a year off!  

Now to start looking for more weeds and grasses to use in making prints!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Dye Dog #2 Finished

I started on my 2nd Dye Dog (compliments of Kay Sorensen - Quilts + Color) back in February...I did have my knitting project to work on plus I was doing quite a bit of hand stitching on this piece.  

So this was the start of Kay's beautiful shibori hand dyed fabric she created.  I started with stitching all the black lines and in some cases I used a fabric marker too enhance the lines.


Kay's fabric is beautiful...nothing about a dye dog in my mind!

I added some black fabric stripes in between pieces of the background fabric.

I saw a tree in her fabric so I took fused black fabric and traced my tree stencil on the back cut out the tree  then fused onto the shibori fabric.  

Of course, I had to add some beads and some other hand work.  The pink is ultra suede that I painted with black fabric paint a few years agao.

I was happy with how the pink stood out as well as the beads.  I added some multi color fabric in a 1/4" strip around the piece to tie in the pink, which is also in the background fabric.

And then the stitching began...I did machine stitched some of the tree limbs in case the fusible didn't hold up.

I was only going to do hand stitching along the bottom of the piece but I really think stitching the entire piece worked out a lot better.

I also added some embroidery thread along the top right just to tie in some of the pink ultra suede.

Another picture of the stitching and beading

ALL FINISHED AND HANGING IN OUR BACK ENTRANCE WAY!  No one comes in the front door!  HA  This way folks will see it!

And these are two layouts using the leftover dye dog fabric.  I am anxious to get started as soon as I get this Cyano printing on paper out of my system!  HA  And I have another project to start documenting the process!  I've put that project on hold for almost two I need to get busy!  Right after I get all these other techniques and projects out of my system or need a break...AND I need a new knitting project!  Oh where is all this time coming from!

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Cyano printing on paper! Yep, a new project!

I know I shouldn't be starting on this technique but I couldn't help myself.  I've followed Kim Herringe on FB & Instagram for sometime and always thought her Cyano prints on paper were beautiful.  There are several others that I've followed their blogs over the years as well.  I've printed on fabric years ago by purchasing pretreated pieces of fabric with Cyano chemicals.  They worked fine but no real exciting prints.  So I signed up for Kim's online class.  It's one you do at your own pace and I believe info/videos are good for a year.  Her info is presented quite well with videos and pdf's and tips along the way!

These were some attempts I did years ago!  I don't even remember when I did them.

Not enough sun time on the first print, all these are on fabric.  I used a negative of my mum from back in the mid 70's!  

Yes, that was a foot x-ray!  My neighbor, Lynn, moved out west but left the x-ray behind.  I asked if she wanted me to mail it and she said no.  So what else to do with it!!  Use it, right!  HA  Again, these were all on fabric using purchased pretreated fabric.

In Kim's class we are mixing chemicals, which I purchased on Amazon (1st pic on this post).  I already had some watercolor paper so after watching our class lessons, at least 3 times!, I got busy mixing chemicals and preparing the watercolor paper.  

Only problem, with our spring in Michigan still being winter on some days, I couldn't find any foliage to use as printing material.  Next best thing was using a stencil, lace and some weeds from the yard waste bag!  

You may recognize my tree stencil (yes, my dye dog is finished and I'll be posting in another day or two the results of that project!).  

I didn't let this paper sit long enough...I forgot to set  the timer and thought...must be enough time, right!  Wrong..but it's still an ok print.  This paper is 11"x14".

On the left is a piece of lace I had.  I wasn't sure if the ultra violet rays could print onto the paper! Pic on right is the lace laying on top of the chemical treated paper.

This is only a 5"x7" piece of watercolor paper but it did turn out!  Who knew!

1st pic are some weeds I cut off our trees...2nd pic is piece sitting outside in the sun and 3rd is after the 5 min. of sun bathing were up.  It's also before I washed out the chemicals from the paper.

And final results!  Pretty cool, right!

Left is piece sitting outside, right is finished/washed out paper.

I'm quite happy with this piece as well.  I plan on cutting these up and using when I send out cards.
While on our walk Friday, my bud, Donna,  spotted some dried weeds for me to take home.  So, here's the weeds I printed with today!  I'll share the final pics in my next post (after the dye dog final pic!).

Monday, April 10, 2023

Easter 2023!

Bob & I, Kris' mom, Nancy, Nick, Darrin, Jeff
Amber and Kris!
 Another wonderful Easter celebration with the kids! We were missing Dawn, as she is in Spain until the end of the month on a travel/remote work program.

As usual, we had enough food to feed an army and we all got 'care packages' to take home to enjoy the meal all over again! I didn't get a picture of the dessert table!!!! Nancy , Kris' mom, outdid herself, as usual, and made about a dozen different desserts! I show about 1/8th of them in the picture on this post of the ones I took home. I lost about 6 pictures....not sure what happened to them...boohoo...but at least I had these in Google Photo's!

And I wore my 3rd lace top!!! Now to find another pattern for next Easter!

Before I show pictures from our brunch...a shout out to Kay (you may know her blog Quilts Plus Color) for her suggestion that I dye a bra to match my lace top! When I tried on the top after blocking, I could see my bra under the lace areas. Figured I would just buy one in the orange color but Kay said "dye it"! I used Rit dye and it worked great!!!!! Thanks, Kay!

Top is more tangerine than pick! 

This color is more true to the color of my top!

My son-in-law, Jeff, gave each of us favorite are yellow roses so that's what he got me (Dawn reminded him...Jeff did a good job!).  The lily plant is something Kris gets me every year.  I had to take a picture of the hydrangea plant.  Isn't that color beautiful!
I lost about 6 pictures, some of food!  Dang...this is all I had left on my camera.  The dessert table was full!  And I mean FULL!!!!  Nancy outdid herself!

It's not Easter if you don't get a 'bunny' bag!  Nancy got the kids gifts..mainly food to take back to school.  The tea kettle was a gift from Nancy to me!  I love it...and the color is beautiful!
Nancy & I; My SIL, Jeff and I, and funny faces from Nick and Darrin!
Have to admit we did more laughing than we did taking the pictures!!!

It was a great Easter...I did talk with Dawn in the a.m.  She's doing great and enjoying some most stores/etc. are closed for Easter.  Our next get together will be for Amber's college graduation early May!  So hard to believe!!!!!  

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Another Book - made by my daughter!

In looking at some of my books/etc. I've made over the past few weeks,  I found this book my daughter made!  At the time, we were big on scrapbooking and she took a class using a lunch paper bag to make a book!  How clever and so sweet!!! 

I'm sad that it's missing some decal that was at the top of the cover.  I might have to go and find something to replace what was there. 

Here are some of the pages that were inside the book.

There are pockets on some pages where Dawn attached a photo to a tag.  Yep, this is my daughter and I years ago! 
The picture of Dawn with the horse is the summer she decided she wanted to show horses with me.  Every morning, she got up and headed to the barn with me (before I went to work) to take care of the horses and practice.  

And this was me showing one of my friends foals at the QH Futurity that was held at the State Fair Grounds in Detroit.  This was back in the mid to late 80's.

The lunch bag opens up so you can insert pictures or notes!  How clever!

Another insert!  

This was at my daughter's wedding to Jeff.  I love her smile and always will!   She lights up a room!!!

I do have to insert a current picture of my daughter in this post.  She has had dark hair just like her father since she was born!  But over the past year or so she has let it grow out and I think she is beautiful...I always thought she was beautiful...but this look is perfect for her.  

Now back to the paper bag book!

Page on the left is Dawn's graduation.  The little tag is her brother and her in western wear!  So cute!

Pic on the right is a quick trip Dawn and I took to Vegas one year!  That was a fun trip!  

On a side note, Dawn is currently in Spain for an entire month!!!!  It's part of a travel/remote work program that you book for 'x' number of months.  Dawn said some in her group have been traveling to different countries for 7-12 months!  
Dawn's online company, Talent Activators, allows her to work remotely, as well as travel (all over!!).  Some days, she has to arrange her work schedule, due to time zone differences, to 4 p.m. to midnight to accommodate folks in different time zones!  And during the day, she can go sightseeing!  I'm so proud of her for all her accomplishments in her life...and give her SO much credit for doing this travel!  Her hubby also travels quite a bit lately, so he's also out of town so no one is lonely at home!  HA  Jeff is also so encouraging for Dawn to travel, as it's her 2nd love in life (next to Jeff!).  

I also found this little keepsake!  In one of our art groups, we were taught to use Tyvek to cover and create a little photo frame!

I don't know if I still have the directions...will have to look up....but this is my grandson, Nick, from 2003!  

So much fun to look back at what we have saved!  Just hope the kids keep all these items to pass on.....