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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Progress Updates

Front View
 Making progress on the lace T!  Basketball on tonight so knitting will be calling me.  I'm not a big basketball fan but Bob's loves his Michigan team so that's on our TV tonight.  Here's the progress so far...keep in mind, I'm using #4 needles, which are small, so it takes a lot of stitches to knit the 10-12 inches I need!  HA       
Back View

I can't wait to block the entire top and be able to see the lace pattern so much better.

On the disperse dye block quilt top...this is final layout....for some reason, Bob really likes this piece...It's about 34" (length) X 31" (width).  He said "but it's not small enough to lay on the table" (he loves the quiltlets I put on our end tables - ha).  Haven't a clue what to do with this one but it has a long way to go before it will be finished.  

I'm auditioning the deep purple to use for the binding, which I think will pull in the strips.  

But first I have to stitch in the ditch to keep the piece as stable as I can before I start any hand work.

I'm going though some of my 'saved' design files/jpg's to decide what stitches I'll use for enhancing the leaf prints.  This was a piece that I printed the blocks on before cutting apart.

Some blocks show the leaf print better than others but hand work will give the opportunity to enhance the print...OR perhaps I'll just free motion the blocks....I won't know what the piece will need until I get started, which is typical isn't it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Back at Disperse Dye Quilt in Progress!

 Back in September I started this small quilt top using some of the disperse dye blocks I made.  You can see the first layout here.  With my knitted lace Top consuming all my brain energy, I've let this piece marinate on my design board.  Because I can now knit while watching football or movies, I'm using my time during the day to get back to finishing this small piece.  I have some designs in mind to use for adding  hand I need another small quilt, right!

This is pretty much the final layout....but I haven't stitched the rows together yet...I keep changing my mind!

I am adding fused strips on the blocks...again...just not sure where they are all going!  I'm thinking I'll use a dark purple for hand embroidery and yellow when stitching on the purple strips...but, hey, that could change at any minute!!

This was my original draft...well, some of the blocks are where I had them here on paper but not many!  HA

this was auditioning for background fabric.  I think the purple gave the contrast these light blocks needed.
It's funny because I never have enough lights when working on certain quilt projects and here I am making an entire quilt of lights!  HA  Go figure!  Oh, that yellow square on the right that looks like the pattern from my is a pattern from my iron and I didn't put it in the final quilt layout!  HA HA

We got to watch some good football this weekend!  Four games all won in the last quarter and with field goals!  Really exciting...Bob and I love football and it's always sad when the season is over.  I'm not a big basketball or baseball fan but I love me a good football game!!  

So now with the snow, which is keeping us indoors...I'll have time to work on this top!  My walking bud, Donna, and I try to get one or two days walking at the's no fun walking on the treadmill....I may have to break down and walk on the 'thing'!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Lace T - more progress!


The lace part on my T is done and on the left and right (where white threads are) are the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.  I'm now starting on the body!  Never thought I'd get here...this is the front.

It looks like a shawl but it's not!  HA  Sleeves are on waste can see in pic below better.  Once I finish the body, I'll go back and pick up the sleeve stitches and knit to length I want and then add ribbing.  I'm not sure how long I want the sleeves, but I think a few inches longer than the pattern.  We'll see.

And this is the back.  The knitting at the bottom edges are the short row...which at first I couldn't figure out what they were for...duh!  If you look at your pullovers (T, sweaters, etc.) the back neck line is always higher than the front!  Again 'Duh'!!!  You can see in the first picture how the neckline sits lower.  

I know it doesn't seem like much but this was one of the pics when I first started or one of the pieces that I  eventually ripped out!  HA

So now I just have to just knit for the counting lace, no short rows, no losing my place!  HA  Not sure how long it will take but at least I just have to make sure I don't drop and stitches or add any!  HA   And easy to watch football while I knit!

In between knitting and general housework, etc.  I've been baking...ok, who are we kidding.  I bake a lot for Bob and I.  I like having a cup of tea or coffee (decaf of course!) at night along with a treat.  If I don't have some cake, pie, cookie, etc. then we'll settle for a piece or two of chocolate candy.  

These are Bob's favorite cookie, which I make often. I make lots so I can put in the freezer and take 4 or 6 out in the a.m. and they are all nice and fresh for Bob after dinner (he doesn't like to wait!  HA).  This is the recipe but I only make 1/2 batch and that gives me about 3 dozen.  I think her recipe  makes 6 or 7 dozen!  Almond Joy Cookie Recipe.  It really is a good recipe.

And our friends all know Bob and I also love our bread!  I found this easy recipe on FB (where else!  HA) and it is easy and oh so good!  If you've never made any home made bread or just want an easy one to make, try this Peasant Bread.

So now to watch some football...Green Bay and 49er's...sorry Mary and Kay but I'm root for the 49er's!!!  And remember the Lions did beat Green Bay this year!  Hey we have to brag on something!  HA

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Happy Birthday to me!


What a great birthday it's been!   My daughter made this cake for me and I love, love the decoration for it!!!!  Is that just the best!  Our son-in-law, Jeff, said "that sign is blog worthy"!  HA

The cake was delicious!  It's a double Chocolate Red Wine Bundt Cake!  YUM!!!!!

I am so fortunate to have the best family and friends in my life!!!!  Yesterday, the 15th, started off with a package from the kids in Indiana!  

There were several items in the box along with a great picture of Bob, his son and grandson!!!  It's a favorite picture we all just love!  The girls got these adorable bandana's!  I know...Gigi looks so happy doesn't she!  

Next up, I stopped at  my walking bud, Donna's, on the way home from library.  Donna presented me with this table top block.  What a perfect saying...I think the rest of it "even when I can't see"...which is so profound..and I also was given two special pieces of candy, which I have saved (so far!).  

And one other 'present' Donna didn't know she was giving me was this tissue paper!!!  She had the block wrapped in this!   Is it perfect for me or what!!  Donna said I was more excited about the tissue paper than other gifts.  She's right!  I can see scanning this in and printing on fabric!

 Donna also gifted me a Solar Return reading she did!  This is a five page document.  The Solar Return is to help you predict or work on issues or wants that will occur in the next "solar year" (birthday to birthday).  I know the effort it takes Donna to put this together and I appreciate it SO much!  I started to read it last night and will go back to reread (more than 2 or 3 times) again today.  It's SO interesting and I have a feeling it might help give me a new perspective for this coming year.

AND now to the best part of Saturday - and you know it has to do with food, right!  Dawn and Kris delivered dinner for my birthday.  We were going to get together for a family sit down but with Covid running rampant at my son's office, the decision was to have meals on wheels delivered by the girls in masks!  Wow...what a wonderful meal...everything was in containers for me to pop in the oven, shake/mix, put in air fryer and mix salad with my daughter's Mediterranean dressing, which I love!

We had air fried lemon caper roasted cauliflower (which is delicious!  You can also bake in oven)..also, there were roasted potatoes, salad and salmon with guacamole!  Who would have thought guacamole would taste so good on salmon but it was fantastic!  This was our DIL's recipe...I won't use just lemon on my salmon anymore!

Of course,  Kris also got me a bottle of wine!  To have with dessert but we had at wine time instead!  Really good blend!!!

My daughter always gives the most beautiful fav are yellow roses and her flowers always seem to last so long!  I get to enjoy them daily...and think of her!

My daughter sent me a better picture of the yummy cake! And a heart shape too!

My son's family got me this bracelet too!  OK, actually, you know the women in the family do the shopping!  HA

What a fabulous birthday I've had today and yesterday.  Lots of birthday wishes from family and friends.  I am so very lucky...I know I keep saying that but I know how lucky I am.  And now with my solar return reading, I'll work on making more friends, taking care of my health, life and general well being!  Thank you one and all...

Sunday, January 9, 2022

I found it!

It's finished!  I think this is one of my longest UFO's!!!  But it's done and this is how it all started!

All finished...I put a deep purple binding on.

I think this runner will be good for Christmas next year!  I don't really have anywhere to put in in our house...not even sure why I used red!  Other than I had the fabric and I don't normally purchase fabric but use up what I have....unless I'm in florida with my friend, Susan and she drags me to a quilt shop!  HA


 I knew I had a blog post on this scrappy piece and I found it!  It's from 2017!  Below is the original post on the patchwork post from May 21, 2017!  

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017

This program has been temporarily interrupted...

OK, I know I need to finish my 'eyes' quilt, as it's due May 31th...but I just couldn't resist playing with Linda Kemshall's latest video on using up your scraps!!!

Yesterday I worked on making the strips (after I came home from a great lunch & margarita with my bud, Carol T.!).

I made 3 sets of strips.

And two of the six sets/blocks I made from the strips! 

So many different layouts are possible....

This is how I used the blocks.  And the leftover strips I put in between each block.  To be honest...I almost cut the block apart so I could stitch together again!!!  But I didn't...but I do have 3 other blocks left over to do something else with!...hmmmmmmm

This will end up being another table runner.  I know..I need another table runner like a hole in the head!  But, it's fun to be able to change them out frequently!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Lace T progress!


Yes, I am making progress....although, I don't think I've ever worked on a project that caused me so much frustration!  I have done other lace work but my first problem was not using the chart to follow and using the written instructions.

Looks good so far doesn't it!  That wavey area on top is the neckline.

And then the frustration started!  I kept losing my place in each repeat section (there are 8 sections you start with that repeat a pattern in each row)...but each row has different stitches....

And this was the 2nd TIME!!!!  I ripped out to restart this T!

So now I was on a roll!!  And treated myself to a fresh baked cookie and cup of milk (real milk, which we don't normally drink!  I just happened to have purchased some for a recipe!  And it tasted so good!).

Written instructions......

Chart work...there are 3 charts in this pattern.  I have to say the instructions/pattern by Valentina Bogdanova are so well written...good, etc.  My problem is the concentration you need to knit this top!  Dogs, hubby, etc. can throw me off and I would lose my place.  

But, I have to say, now that I'm using the chart, it's so much easier to see where I'm going, where I've been and what I did wrong.  Don't get me wrong...I've had two other nights that I struggles for over 2+ hours correcting my mistake on just one row!  But I did it!!!!

And look how far I've come!  I'm going to switch to larger circular needles so this will be spread out even more so you'll see more of the pattern!

Who may get finished by spring after all!!!!  Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A lot of work for ????


Several weeks ago I decorated for Christmas.   Fortunately, our decorations are stored in a space under our stairs.  There's a lot of space but also I have a lot of decorations.  I change my color theme from year to year so you need lots of ornaments, right!  I was excited this year about decorating because last year we had to Zoom because of Covid....and what happened this year!  Yep, Covid got us again so the only family who were able to enjoy our decorations were Bob's daughter and her hubby on Christmas Day. 

Fireplace upstairs...not a lot but just some festive holiday decorations.  

I put the christmas tree in the downstairs family room.  Kids always seem to gather there.  It really turned out so pretty this year.  All pinks and gold....

The fireplace downstairs....decorated...

Tuesday, I decided I would put away my Christmas dishes since they were all washed.  Well, one thing led to another and I did get all the plates (appetizer and dinner), bowls, cups, casserole dishes, etc. and packed them up.  Of course, I had to move out of the storage area all the other boxes that hold Christmas decorations so............The start of taking down the tree and carrying all the decorations from upstairs downstairs!  You can't see all the boxes in this picture.

Yes, this was/is a lot of work for ???  Only had a few folks actually see the house decorated...but that's ok.  I enjoyed it.

And, yes, I did get all the decorations and tree put away in the afternoon!  Hard to believe it all fits here but it does!  Bob said if it was up to him, he would take it out, decorate the tree but have to throw out a lot of decorations because he would never be able to get it all put away!  HA  I do have a system on where each box goes.  Plus, I keep all wrapping papers (all occasion) and ribbons, bags, etc. in this same space, which is a closet door width and over 5 feet deep!  I'm keeping these pics on this post so I remember how I decorated this year.  Since most of the kids never saw the tree or any decorations, I'll do the same for 2022! NO ZOOM CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Looks pretty boring now doesn't it!