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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Another Patchwork top in progress!

 For the life of me I can't find on my blog when I made this patchwork type top which measures 18" x 32".  I decided to take a mental break from my knitting lace (which is coming along great now! But that's another post!).  Rather than start something new, I went to my UFO drawer, which honestly isn't that full...I always feel like projects are homework and I have to for the most part I do...not sure what stopped me from working on this piece.  Heck, I only remember making the triangle squares and I'm sure it was an inspiration from Design Matter's TV!  Well, I haven't done any free motion quilting in forever!!!!  I don't remember the last piece I quilted.  So, off I went trying to get my fingers/hands moving and quilt!  Holy heck!  I felt like I haven't ever done any free motion quilting!  And here it shows!  

Ripping out!  Thank goodness my Q Buddy, Susan, gave me this present of a seam ripper and tweezers!  I sure used them!  Time and time again.  I think I did more sewing then ripping than I did actual quilting finally!

Part of my problem, which has always been, is deciding what I want to free motion quilt and once I get started I forget to stop and move my hands and fabric!  

I did order more quilting gloves, which should arrive on Monday.  My fingers are so smooth that I can't move the fabric properly.  

So once finished, what the heck will I do with this...sure hope I find where I started this piece and why!  HA  I remember it was scrap pieces...but not sure if I started in 2017, 2018????  But I will find out!  HA


  1. Ha……what a fun post to read. The piece is worth finishing even if you don’t remember why it was started in the first place. AND…like you….I rarely, and I mean rarely do not finish what I started….sometimes I should have just deep sixed a piece but I can’t make myself do that. I’m definitely a timely finisher….

  2. That is a cute piece! Yes, gloves are essential to free motion quilting. I was home for Christmas by myself because my DIL tested + for covid. She is better now. I just hope my son and the kids don't get it.


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