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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Another Zoom Christmas!


Yes, the old Covid impacts our family again...sorta!
In my last post, I talked about my son-in-law testing positive for Covid (asymptomatic - as was my daughter, who tested negative) and they were quarantined for 10 days.  So our plans changed to celebrate  our Christmas Eve on 12/29 (Jeff was let out of 'jail' on the 28th to return to work and friends!  HA).  Yesterday, December 29th, my daughter called stating she had a runny nose and was concerned!  She tried to find a Covid test and couldn't get a PCR test until this coming Saturday.  Other problem, she was with her niece, Amber, the day before.  Poor Dawn was so upset...first, feeling the need to cancel Christmas again, possibly infecting Amber and just not being able to celebrate Christmas!  I felt more sorry for Dawn than for myself!  We did find a test, thanks to my neighbor, Lori, who was going to Kroger and purchased one for us.  Dawn, once again tested negative with symptoms, will retest in 2 days and gets a PCR test on Saturday.  To err on the side of caution, we decided to forgo a family Christmas in person (again).

So, we decided we'd take some of our appetizers (that's what we eat on our Christmas Eve!  Tons of them!!!) down to the kids along with their presents and do a 'meals on wheels' delivery in their driveways!  And my daughter and Kris/Darrin also had food for us to take home!  I should have taken pictures...this was reminiscent of past Covid deliveries by the kids to our house or us driving to their house to pick up BBQ this past year!  Masks on and virtual hugs!! 

Amber set up a Zoom call @ 5 p.m. for us to eat our treats/drinks and open presents!  Bob and I were too hungry to wait until 5 so we ate prior to the Zoom call!  My son made the best Queso dip and wings (for Bob not me! But I sure ate tons of the Queso).  I made PF Chang's lettuce wraps with ground turkey, my daughter had olive wrapped chestnuts and I made a few slices of bruschetta.   I have to say we still had laughs, tears and more virtual hugs on the Zoom call!

I forgot to mention that my son and grand daughter made a visit to our house on Christmas Eve morning!  Darrin said "it's tradition to be with my mum on Christmas Eve".  He brought me flowers which are still in bloom and just beautiful!  Nice we had a chat with Amber and Darrin.  Kris and Nick went to see her dad who is in rehab and to visit with her mom.  So they did split duty!  HA

And my sweet grand daughter brought Bob some vodka and Moscow Mule mixes!  Yep, he tried it that night!  Amber and grandpa go back and forth on different drinks!  The two of them are so funny!    That young lady is so thoughtful!  

When our meals on wheels were delivered our grand daughter gave me some sweets as well as my daughter.  They both know I love, love Sanders salted carmel's!!!  OK, the red wine isn't so bad either!!!  Just such a nice gesture!

I had this folded book made from my library volunteer buddy, Holly Sifferman.  Holly made the folded book for my daughter's business, which you can see here.  Bob LOVED this book!!!  It is so cool!!!  And Bob being such a U of M fan he just thought it was so cool, which it is!  You can see more of Holly's work on her FaceBook page here.  

And look from all the kids bought me for my pre birthday/Christmas gift!!!   It was delivered in the morning!   A few years ago the 'girls' (let's face it - they are the ones who do all the shopping and buying!  HA) bought me an instant pot for Christmas, which I love and use weekly!  

Two or three years ago they bought me an air fryer that fits on top of my instant pot.  It's quite heavy so Dawn said this is so much better to use and it holds lots of food to air fry!  Each of the girls have one and they were going to bring theirs for us to cook our appetizers on Christmas Eve...they figured they could show me how to use it!   It is quite easy to use, which I did!

 I  air fried/cooked some of our appetizers before we did the zoom call.  It's fantastic!!!!  I loved using the other air fryer but this holds so much and I don't have to lift it.  I'm not big on items sitting on the counter but so far it seems to fit on the smaller counter (along with my mixer) next to the fridge.  Bob is on a mission to find a sideboard/hutch for the dining room to keep these items in, replacing the small cabinet we have now!  HA  Gives him something to research and keep him busy!  I think I'm fine with where it sits but I'll know better when I start to use it. 

And so I am very............................

for the family we have....


  1. Love the positive attitude making it as memorable (and safe) as possible. Happy New Year girlfriend!

  2. It sounds like you made the best of the situation! A Covid scare by my Dad canceled my trip to visit my parents in LA at Christmas, so I celebrated at home instead. (He ended up testing negative.)

  3. Merry Christmas, we had sick family too although it wasn't Covid.


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