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Saturday, September 18, 2021

There is so much talent around us!

For my 'faithful' followers, you may remember I attempted to make a folded book back in 2019!  Mine didn't turn out that great but I certainly did appreciate all the work involved in making  this type of art and I do consider it art!

This past summer we had a few new members join our Friends of the Library volunteer group.  One of them, Holly, happened to talk  about the 'folding book' art she does.   Well, I knew what she was talking about BUT  after seeing her wonderful work, I asked if she would make a folded book for my daughter's upcoming BD based on her company logo.    And look at what Holly made!  Keep in mind that the letters in TALENT are covered with colored paper in each  section, in addition to all the folding!  How cool is this!!

So, I would like to introduce you to Holly Sifferman and her wonderful folding book art!  

Isn't this adorable for a Valentine's gift!

I love, love this butterfly dress!  I can't imagine the work involved in this one!

This is another amazing book!  I can't imagine how difficult this was to create!

Check out the view from the side!!!!

This is adorable!!!

Of course our Michigan land is always great to have!

I love the sunflower!!!!  

So not to give anything away....I took a picture of  a very small portion of the pattern I had for making my first (& last!) folded book.  I just want you to appreciate the work involved.  This is only 1/8th of the 1st page of 3 for that pattern.  It shows you where to make each mark on each page and where to fold those marks!!!!  This particular pattern called for 400 pages!!  I saw on Holly's FB page where she created a 1000! page folded book!!!

I am adding a picture of Holly's business card.  She is on Etsy and will ship.  Holly also has a facebook page (here).  You have to check out all of the books she has posted.   Christmas is right around the corner and what better unique gift than a folded book!  And what better way to repurpose those old books rather than have them lie in a landfill somewhere!  

My mind is already thinking about gifts for this Christmas and future birthday's!   Oh, my daughter LOVED her folded book!  She's already sent out a picture of it to the fellow who designed her logo as well as some of her friends.   Thanks again, Holly!  You did a great job!


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