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Monday, September 13, 2021

Disperse Dye Prints - part 2

Before I get into this post, check out the picture our Prime delivery person took!!!  OMG...this is priceless!  We weren't at home but did see him on our Nest camera.  He made a point to get our little Gigi in the picture.  I talked with another Prime delivery person and he said "We do that on occasion.  We've had some funny pictures."  

 I will thank this delivery person, if we ever see him (well, that's silly!  We know we'll be ordering from PRIME again at least one more time! HA.)  It sure made our day!

Now the fun begins!  OK, not so much fun trying to come up with a layout to use all the prints we make is it.  

I wanted to take advantage of the 3"x8" prints and  include them but I didn't want a standard type layout.

I just kept playing with some different layouts.

After awhile they all look the same but they are different!

Next I laid the prints on top of a bright orange, purple batik print.

I like this purple batik fabric for the background and borders.  Gives a good contrast.

So, next was to measure the prints I have and see where they 'might' fit in this layout.  I guarantee you this won't the the final layout.  

Actually, after coming up with this type of layout, I'm going to need more prints...but that's fun to do and I've lots of painted papers left.  

I know this post is getting to be more dog related but it's only fair to show a pic of Kalee since Gigi was the star on this one!  We were sitting in the vets office for a check up - Kalee not me!

And I ordered more Delica #8 seed beads to make another knitted cuff!  Yes, I'm obsessed...I don't have any other knitted pattern to work on.  Haven't had any time to look up a pattern.


  1. Anxious to see the pieces combined as one….and loved the Gigi photo. Interesting, our Prime deliveries never have photos….perhaps because of our rural area they all actually are delivered by USPS or UPS.

  2. Your post illustrates all the decision making that goes into arranging a piece! it does take thought and concentration. Gigi- how cute is that? Like Mary noted, we don't actually get the Prime vans in our rural area. Kalee looks happy to be at the vet. She must be like our dogs- they love to go anywhere- even the vet.

  3. Great idea to use those prints, I have so many mono print experiments in the drawer.


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