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Friday, September 10, 2021

Beaded Isle Cuff


I purchased the Bead Isle Cuff pattern about a month ago from Laura Nelkin (you can see her pattern on Ravelry here).  I love cuffs of any kind and this being a small project I thought, why not make one.  I ran into a few issues, like finding the smallest needles I had in my stash and then, what yarn to use?  You don't need much but I didn't want to buy any (you only need around 43 yards of fingering weight yarn).  This was, afterall, just a practice piece.  So into my stash I went and I found some leftover yarn from a shawl I made (pattern, again, by Laura).  And ditto with the beads...actually, I didn't have enough size 8 Delica's and had to use some other beads...but it worked out ok.

check out those little hairs on my arm!  HA

You use a slide clasp to close the cuff.  The ends wrap around your wrist and then lay under the center medallion. So you don't even see the closure.  Fortunately, I had three slide clasps in my stash!  Don't you just love having a stash of items!!

This was the yarn I had leftover from making a shawl.   You can see that project here.

I really liked the purple Delica beads.  

You can see where the blue beads look a tad smaller than the purple ones.  Laura used three different color beads in her cuff, which looks really nice.  Again, I just used what I had!

You  add the beads as you knit the pattern.  Laura has a you tube on using Beadle Needles to place beads on your your stitches.   Of course I had to order them via Prime.  And she also has another youtube showing how to use a crochet hook (.8mm) or superfloss dental floss!  The only problem I had using the Beadle Needle was the yarn threads, which are very thin to start with, kept getting caught on the point of the needle.  Sometimes, it worked great and other times I was just shredding my yarn.  I use the SuperFloss often, which I'm used to but I think the Beadle Needle would be efficient once I got used to it.    Again, this is just a practice piece, right!   I think it's fun to wear, which I did today!  HA  Now to purchase some yarn and beads to make another one.  What fun to choose more beads and yarn, right!


  1. How pretty! Wish I was a better knitter... :-)

    1. Cyndi, this isn't the best job as I was using a new 'tool' and yarn kept splitting...not the tool's fault! HA It's an easy pattern and good way to use up yarn...except I had to buy more beads! But we always need an excuse to do that don't we! HA

  2. That is very pretty. Sounds fiddly to make, but worth it.

  3. What a sweet little project! I'll better it would be cozy to wear in the winter.


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