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Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day Weekend 2021 - Part 1

Mural downtown Clarkson
 What a busy, fun filled, family Labor Day weekend we had!!!  Started off with Bob's son, Ron and DIL MaryJo driving from Indiana to spend Saturday and Sunday a.m. with us!!!  We haven't seen them in over a year so it was a nice visit.  Ron got to see his mom too so I'm sure he felt better knowing his mom and dad are doing good!!! 

As soon as kids got here on Saturday, MaryJo and I took off for the Farmer's market in Clarkston.  They close at 1 so I wanted to make sure we got there in time to walk around and shop!  And we did!  We stopped at a Cheese People vendor and got three different cheeses!  An apricot triple cream brie, some aged cheddar and a chipotle espresso cheddar!  Vendor said it's fantastic on a burger!  So guess what we'll have this week!

So after the market, getting some peaches and a huge hunk of Romaine lettuce, we headed to downtown Clarkston to walk around town.  On our way out we stopped at Honcho's for a cup of coffee and a treat (MJ had an iced mocha w/carmel and I had a Mexican spice chocolate decaf!) .  Turned out they only had a salted chocolate chip cookie, which was huge and delicious!  We ate half..just to give ourselves some energy to continue to shop!  

Next up we stopped at Willow Pointe, which is a great flower shop as well as unique gift shop.  And we did find a gift!  Ron turns 60 in October and as we drove into the parking lot, I saw this cool Michigan Welcome sign.  MaryJo said Ron would love what better gift for his BD from Bob and I!  And I didn't have to mail it!

Here's Ron with his Michigan sign!  Yes, he and Bob are both HUGE Michigan fans, regardless of the wasn't it great timing Ron could be here for Michigan's first game on TV Saturday!  

I should say great he was here for all the other college games that were on all day and ALL night!  Keep in mind games started at noon and they taped several games so they could go between games!  

Mary Jo sent me this picture to show how good the sign looks by their door.  They have a fantastic wrap around porch at their house so this will be a nice welcome to those who come to the door and sit on that great porch!
  I had chips/dip, pita/hummus, pretzels, cheese popcorn, sliced cheese and home made cookies for the guys to munch on while we were gone. 

I made cream puffs, which I haven't made in years....they were pretty tasty.  Dinner was sloppy joes, scalloped potatoes with cheese, home made cole salw, salad w/ egg bites, bacon bites, cheese, and sunflower seeds in little bowls so folks could make their own salads.  And of course, bob's favorite Freakin pickle's!  They are delicious and unique!

This was taken as the kids were leaving on Sunday to go meet Ron's mom & Jim for lunch.  Wish they could have stayed another day but best they headed home on Sunday and not fight the traffic on Labor Day Monday.  They actually made great time and were home by 6 p.m.!

I didn't have my fit bit on but I'm sure MaryJo and I walked quite a bit.  We took the dogs for a walk after we got home from 'shopping' and then we walked another 2 miles around the sub before dinner!    Hard to say good-bye to the kids but we look forward to seeing them to talk Bob into driving to see them and  then to see Rilynn/Kalya/Nate in Ohio!

Next Post will be family get-together at Darrin's!  It was a busy weekend!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Take a nap! You packed a lot of fun into your weekend. I agree, that sign was the perfect gift. It looks really nice.


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