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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Labor Day Weekend - Part 2


After Ron and MJ left mid day Saturday, Darrin sent a text telling us his menu for dinner on Saturday!  Well, who could refuse: Smoked Beef Brisket  & Smoked Queso dip!  Not us!  So around 4 p.m. we headed to the kids to chow down on more food!  My son said I could take a selfie of us but couldn't post on FB!  He didn't say I couldn't on my blog!

We were all anticipating the dinner!  That's Nick on the far right and his dad to his right, Kris busy at the stove and the back of Thomas, one of Nick's Lacrosse team mates.  Thomas is from Canada so he'll have to stay at school until they change some of the Covid restrictions to allow him to go home.

The Smoked Queso was delicious!!!  All done in the smoker...recipe sounds pretty simple but oh so good!

Yes, this was a feast!  We missed our Amber who had late lacrosse practice Friday p.m. and studies so she couldn't make it home. I'm sure we'll see her soon..although, it sounds as if her schedule is really busy for her senior year! She's studying 'Special Education'.

Bob, our SIL, Jeff and my daughter...who had a terrible migraine for 2 days!  I felt so bad for her!

Dawn, Nancy - Kris' mom and Kris.  It was good to see Nancy and have time to sit and talk with her.  She was at Nick's graduation open house but hard to talk with all the folks coming and going.

And the college kids home for their first weekend!

Back of Braylon, Nick's girlfriend; Nick (yep, his back too!) and Tae, Nick's room mate in the back seat.

I'm sure Nick was saying "that's just my grandma who has to take pictures all the time".  HA

Still, Nick's back, Thomas to his right, Tae and Braylon at the far end.

This is A.J.'s favorite spot!   He loves to lay on the men's shoulders!  

It was nice to see Nick's roommate again and to meet another Lacrosse teammate. Bob pointed out how polite and nice these young men are/were! Of course, Braylon, Nick's girlfriend is a sweetheart so we have to include her.

Bob said, and I agree, we have the best kids, grand kids and family. We are so lucky and proud of each and every one of them. What a wonderful two days we had!

I did rest up today, Monday...walked dogs twice and finished up a load of laundry and did some knitting...otherwise, it's a rest day for me! No 11,000+ steps for me today!


  1. The food looks wonderful and the Queso dip looks fantastic! All you needed was some pan banging cookies for desert! LOL!!!


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