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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Book Folding

This past winter I saw a book folding class being held at our local used book store, Cottage Used Books.  How cool that we have a used book store 2 miles from our house! And they do book folding classes - a technique that I didn't know about.

So two weeks ago I attended a one hour class at the store taught by the owners daughter,  Jenna.  Jenna is a sweet young lady and very talented!  She let us choose which pattern we wanted and I chose the LOVE pattern for my first folding.   I didn't have any trouble following the instructions, it's just a very time consuming technique but what a cool way to use old books that would otherwise just be thrown out!

First, I want to show some of the folding books they have on display at the book store.  Are these cool or what!

What a great way to display your book folding ends!!

I probably should have shown my finished book first then shown their folded books!  HA  Mine isn't the best but I'm happy with it.  This is the pattern I chose to make.

This was the start of my can see the 'L' better starting to form!  Well, I can!

And my finished book!  I think I have the first folded pages squeezed together too much so the 'L' isn't as defined as it could be.  But still!!!  I finished my first folded book!!!  YEA!!  Thanks, Jenna!!  You are a great instructor!

In the class, we were also given another pattern, which is pages folded and pages cut.  Inward/outward folds!  It's really unique as well.  I only have about 5 or 6 pages cut for the Flamingo so it will be awhile before I get this one finished.

I know they have offered this class a few times, so if you live in the Goodrich/Davison/Clarkston area, check out their FB page for upcoming classes.  Or just stop by for a few books!

Kinda fun isn't it!  Always good to learn new techniques to have in our 'tool' box! 


  1. Oh my! What fun. It's like a needlework chart to follow. You did a good job. The deer head is really something. And so many ways to do this- who knew? Although I did see a cute angel one at a doctor's office one time.

  2. Don't really like to fold pages of books - but the result is pretty. Cheers


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