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Friday, July 26, 2019

I should have known better!

And yes, I do know better....I posted last week my results on screen printing.  You'd think I never mixed dyes or screen printed before!  Duh!  I also mentioned that I thought I didn't mix enough dye powder in with my print paste.  And that proved to be the case.

 Here are my 're-do's'!  I used 3 of the pieces that were quite pale and just screen printed over them!   And one was just white fabric.

I really like this piece.  Earth tones...yummy..

There sure is  a big difference from this one, right!  HA
 I don't measure when mixing dyes....whether I'm doing low immersion dyeing, Bob's socks (that's a whole other post!) or mixing dyes with print paste.  And usually I add too much dye but I've always been happy with the deep colors I get.

For some reason, I was quite stingy when adding the dye powder to my print paste.  Mainly because I was using this tiny containers I picked up at Hobby Lobby and I wasn't good at guessing! 

 Lesson learned...well, I hope so! onto our next lesson this week!  And yes, I'm still having fun!


  1. These little challenges are what keep us coming back and back again experimenting our hearts out!

  2. Great results! Dye powder does seem like an inexact science.


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