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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Collage's keep coming!

I showed a collage (well, minus the quilting) in my last post I had put together.  All paper this time...I  started some free motion quilting on it.  Here's my progress so far...

I have to show that you can 'unsew' even on paper!  HA...I started using too dark of a blue thread (I switched to teal) which meant I had to 'unsew' all the blue I had free motion quilted.  It turned out just fine.  Don't think you can even see in above pic where I ripped it out.  If you don't see it now...don't look any further!  HA

 In between quilting I started another collage.  Again, using this picture for inspiration, I mono printed paper(s) using acrylic paints.

This is the reverse of the collage above.  Again, original, overdyed and now colored using Neocolor 1 crayons.  Interesting how intense the color was from mono printed...then fading with overdyeing!

Last weekend I mono printed and colored in some prints for borders. I used Neocolor 1 crayons to color the entire print vs overdyeing.

This is deli paper that was mono printed.  Then I used an Inktense block to color the entire sheet and applied a wash of water on top.  I'm quite happy with how this turned out.

Hard to tell,  but in the picture below, this piece is the blue you see.

Now I'm playing with different designs.....I don't want a border all around this one....guess I'll get back to quilting before I decide or work on our next lesson, which is screen printing!  Woo hoo!  So many choices.....

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  1. I’ve been finding your paper journey so interesting….thanks for much for sharing!!!


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