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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

We 'sorta' snuck by Covid!

 Turns out my daughter called me Sunday to say Jeff (her hubby) tested positive for Covid.  She tested negative but they are both quarantined!  Turns out they only got tested because Dawn was with a friend who called her and said she just tested positive.  Both Dawn and Jeff are asymptomatic, thank goodness!  So we are on a waiting game for Dawn to get her 2nd PCR test on Wednesday @ 8 a.m.  She should have results back by Thursday afternoon/evening.  If she tests negative and Jeff remains asymptomatic, the doctor said he can return to work and activities on December 28.  If Dawn tests positive, then her 10 days will be January 1st!  We are fortunate my entire family/kids are all vaccinated and everyone has had their boosters.  Let's hope that's why kids are doing ok so far.   Honestly, the 25th is just a date on the's more important my kids are safe and healthy and we can celebrate Christmas any day we want!  

And on another Covid note...our Grand daughter, Kayla and our great grand, Rilynn, both tested positive for Covid a week ago!  They live in Ohio and just moved into their new built home, which is a good thing as they were in an apartment waiting for their home to be finished!

 They sent Rilynn home from daycare on a Friday because one of the teachers at the pre school (Ri is only 2 1/2) tested positive.  Well, sadly, it didn't escape either of them...and they were both really, really sick...bad cough, severe headache and of course the resulting fever.  They are both doing better and on the mend although, Kayla said getting your breath back isn't easy.  Kayla is a Beach Body counselor and exercises EVERY day!  But not with Covid!  Kayla had been scheduled to get her Booster vaccine this past weekend...go figure!  These two beauties are out of quarantine on December 25th!  How lucky are they!

But we do have another celebration of sorts!  Amber passed one of her Special Ed certification tests this past Monday!!!  When she and I did video call last Friday, she told me she was studying hard for this exam and was hoping she would pass.  She said you could take it again but she really wanted to pass on the first try!  Amber has such good study habits and she was showing me a trial test she was taking and a book she purchased on her own to help her study.  To be honest the book was 9"x12" and almost 3 inches thick!  I don't think I would have bought it let alone study from it!  But that's our sweet grand daughter.
My DIL, Kris, took this picture Monday night!  They took Amber out to celebrate!  Amber was so sweet...she did a video call to grandpa and I to tell us and show her certificate!!!  We are so proud of her.  She graduates May 2022 from Sienna Heights University.  And I still remember the night she was born and I held her in my arms!!!  
So hope my readers remain safe and wear your mask and get you vaccine and booster shots!  Sorry, but I don't understand those who refrain from doing this.  If nothing else, you need to do it to protect your family, friends and strangers!  Let alone protect yourself!  But I'm not going to lecture anyone...yes, there can be break through cases but at least I feel we'll be better off with the vaccine vs not having the vaccine at all!   Have a Merry Christmas one and all!!!!  


  1. I am glad everyone is recovering from Covid. It is bad in Ohio; that is where I live. I have been vaxed and boosted, wear my mask anytime I go to the grocery store and go shopping early in the day on the weekends before the crowds show up. Last weekend I even double masked since the county I live in is just one level under the worst. This week at work they announced everyone needs to wear a mask again when they leave their desk. I have been wearing one even when they told us we didn't need to. This pandemic will never get under control until more people get vaccinated or the unvaccinated die off as morbid as that sounds. The 1912 pandemic lingered for 38 years so we could be in for the same.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry your family has been hit with the virus. And the little ones- oh dear. It's hard to see children sick. Hope everyone has a steady recovery. It sure makes one skittish around crowds and the supermarkets ae plenty busy right now. Be well!

  3. I am of the mind that sometime in the next year most of us will bet some form of covid. The variants are going to,see to that. Being as careful as you can is all you can do at this point. At least getting vaccinated and boosted plus wearing a mask and laying low for the winter will hopefully save lives. My little grands and my son had it right after Thanksgiving but no one else had it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. This Covid is not going away, like we thought it would. I am starting to hear of people with Covid now too. Merry Christmas xx

  5. Today is the one year anniversary of when I had covid...I still remember how sick I was. I can't wrap my head around the reason people use to not get their shots. But, that said... here's wishing the best for your family during this time and may it truly be a Happy New Year for all of you!!

    1. Same to you, Marybeth!!! Hate to lecture people to get their shots/boosters but sometimes we just can't help ourselves. They never seem to have a good reason. Happy New Year

  6. So sorry to hear of the Covid visiting your family but know they will come out fine because of the vaccine...and I did really appreciate your lecture on the vaccine...everyone that has any sense should get it...doesn't make sense not to...well enough said on my part...wishing you a Merry Christmas whenever you get to celebrate it and the happiest of New Years.


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