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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

10 days to Christmas? WHAT??

I showed my Christmas decorations in my last post and I had some inquires on the quilt I had on our front door.  I did post on FB  some pics of my cardinal but here is a recap of the entire process.    

I traced the cardinal on some background fabric and then I proceeded to free motion quilt around the bird. 

I started this bird in 2011!  This was the beading to outline the cardinal with #15 delica beads.  Yes, they are small but work so well for bead embroidery.

Making progress...this isn't a fast project but I do love seeing the bird come together.

He has a little attitude doesn't he!

This is a closeup of the branch and his little feet!  I don't remember the stitch name for beading the branch but basically you lay a line of beads down for your branch then you wrap about 5 or 6 beads over that line of beads.  Pretty easy and the effect is quite nice.

He looks a little mean doesn't he!  I finished him in June of 2011...think I started in April??

The original cardinal on the quilted backing was 9" x 11".  This is where I started to add fabrics to surround him as the focal point. 
And yes, I just used some watercolor paint to color the leaves and berries that I free motion quilted.

All done...Yep, I had to do more hand embroidery to jazz him up. OK, I get carried away.  What can I tell you!  

Honest, my window on the door isn't dirty!  Must be the light or shadows??  Not sure but I did go and look and it's clean!  HA

So now the cardinal has a home for a month or so.  Then he goes back in the drawer.

Just an animation from start to finish, sorta...I do love beading, love knitting, love dyeing and painting my fabrics and all types of textile work BUT why don't I have the time to 'play' with it all! 

Now Christmas in 10 days!!!  Holy Smoke!  Where do the days go!!!  I left the house today around 9:45,  arrived home at 12:45 proceeded to prep food to make a turkey pot pie, which turned out great!!!  Knitted two rows on my lace top, had dinner, finished dishes and here I sit at 6:30 p.m.  I was a supervisor, project manager, etc. when I worked so I guess I need to get back to managing my time better!!!  Look out world....Robbie might be back!


  1. Your beaded projects are always so phenomenal!

  2. Your beaded cardinal is fabulous! Yes, Christmas is barreling quickly toward us! I know I will be able to get the second flannel quilt done and I believe I can get the pillows made too. I won't start baking until next week. I need to make a few cookies and a couple pies.

  3. He is a most handsome cardinal! And I agree- the time to do everything is limited. I get pretty scattered at times.

  4. Your cardinal is exquisite! Such beautiful quilting and beading!

  5. AS you can tell….I way behind reading blogs……your piece was worth waiting for……it’s fantastic!


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