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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Progress Updates

Front View
 Making progress on the lace T!  Basketball on tonight so knitting will be calling me.  I'm not a big basketball fan but Bob's loves his Michigan team so that's on our TV tonight.  Here's the progress so far...keep in mind, I'm using #4 needles, which are small, so it takes a lot of stitches to knit the 10-12 inches I need!  HA       
Back View

I can't wait to block the entire top and be able to see the lace pattern so much better.

On the disperse dye block quilt top...this is final layout....for some reason, Bob really likes this piece...It's about 34" (length) X 31" (width).  He said "but it's not small enough to lay on the table" (he loves the quiltlets I put on our end tables - ha).  Haven't a clue what to do with this one but it has a long way to go before it will be finished.  

I'm auditioning the deep purple to use for the binding, which I think will pull in the strips.  

But first I have to stitch in the ditch to keep the piece as stable as I can before I start any hand work.

I'm going though some of my 'saved' design files/jpg's to decide what stitches I'll use for enhancing the leaf prints.  This was a piece that I printed the blocks on before cutting apart.

Some blocks show the leaf print better than others but hand work will give the opportunity to enhance the print...OR perhaps I'll just free motion the blocks....I won't know what the piece will need until I get started, which is typical isn't it!


  1. Your top is coming along nicely. It is such a pretty blue color. I am fascinated with your dye project.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Love those colors.

  3. Your lace blows me away….can’t imagine tackling such a complicated pattern. AND….the disperse dyed piece….yes it’s a winner….such subtle colors and intriguing sense of depth the motifs created!


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