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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Back at Disperse Dye Quilt in Progress!

 Back in September I started this small quilt top using some of the disperse dye blocks I made.  You can see the first layout here.  With my knitted lace Top consuming all my brain energy, I've let this piece marinate on my design board.  Because I can now knit while watching football or movies, I'm using my time during the day to get back to finishing this small piece.  I have some designs in mind to use for adding  hand I need another small quilt, right!

This is pretty much the final layout....but I haven't stitched the rows together yet...I keep changing my mind!

I am adding fused strips on the blocks...again...just not sure where they are all going!  I'm thinking I'll use a dark purple for hand embroidery and yellow when stitching on the purple strips...but, hey, that could change at any minute!!

This was my original draft...well, some of the blocks are where I had them here on paper but not many!  HA

this was auditioning for background fabric.  I think the purple gave the contrast these light blocks needed.
It's funny because I never have enough lights when working on certain quilt projects and here I am making an entire quilt of lights!  HA  Go figure!  Oh, that yellow square on the right that looks like the pattern from my is a pattern from my iron and I didn't put it in the final quilt layout!  HA HA

We got to watch some good football this weekend!  Four games all won in the last quarter and with field goals!  Really exciting...Bob and I love football and it's always sad when the season is over.  I'm not a big basketball or baseball fan but I love me a good football game!!  

So now with the snow, which is keeping us indoors...I'll have time to work on this top!  My walking bud, Donna, and I try to get one or two days walking at the's no fun walking on the treadmill....I may have to break down and walk on the 'thing'!

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  1. This is a fun project. Like you, I bounce to and fro between projects. Keeps things lively. I misspoke in my e-mail to you the other day, the Marion County cases actually increased in the schools lately. ugh.


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