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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Lace T - more progress!


The lace part on my T is done and on the left and right (where white threads are) are the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.  I'm now starting on the body!  Never thought I'd get here...this is the front.

It looks like a shawl but it's not!  HA  Sleeves are on waste can see in pic below better.  Once I finish the body, I'll go back and pick up the sleeve stitches and knit to length I want and then add ribbing.  I'm not sure how long I want the sleeves, but I think a few inches longer than the pattern.  We'll see.

And this is the back.  The knitting at the bottom edges are the short row...which at first I couldn't figure out what they were for...duh!  If you look at your pullovers (T, sweaters, etc.) the back neck line is always higher than the front!  Again 'Duh'!!!  You can see in the first picture how the neckline sits lower.  

I know it doesn't seem like much but this was one of the pics when I first started or one of the pieces that I  eventually ripped out!  HA

So now I just have to just knit for the counting lace, no short rows, no losing my place!  HA  Not sure how long it will take but at least I just have to make sure I don't drop and stitches or add any!  HA   And easy to watch football while I knit!

In between knitting and general housework, etc.  I've been baking...ok, who are we kidding.  I bake a lot for Bob and I.  I like having a cup of tea or coffee (decaf of course!) at night along with a treat.  If I don't have some cake, pie, cookie, etc. then we'll settle for a piece or two of chocolate candy.  

These are Bob's favorite cookie, which I make often. I make lots so I can put in the freezer and take 4 or 6 out in the a.m. and they are all nice and fresh for Bob after dinner (he doesn't like to wait!  HA).  This is the recipe but I only make 1/2 batch and that gives me about 3 dozen.  I think her recipe  makes 6 or 7 dozen!  Almond Joy Cookie Recipe.  It really is a good recipe.

And our friends all know Bob and I also love our bread!  I found this easy recipe on FB (where else!  HA) and it is easy and oh so good!  If you've never made any home made bread or just want an easy one to make, try this Peasant Bread.

So now to watch some football...Green Bay and 49er's...sorry Mary and Kay but I'm root for the 49er's!!!  And remember the Lions did beat Green Bay this year!  Hey we have to brag on something!  HA


  1. Good progress on such a complex pattern! Thanks for the cookie recipe link. And that bread does look so good!

  2. You have made great progress on the lace sweater.


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