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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A lot of work for ????


Several weeks ago I decorated for Christmas.   Fortunately, our decorations are stored in a space under our stairs.  There's a lot of space but also I have a lot of decorations.  I change my color theme from year to year so you need lots of ornaments, right!  I was excited this year about decorating because last year we had to Zoom because of Covid....and what happened this year!  Yep, Covid got us again so the only family who were able to enjoy our decorations were Bob's daughter and her hubby on Christmas Day. 

Fireplace upstairs...not a lot but just some festive holiday decorations.  

I put the christmas tree in the downstairs family room.  Kids always seem to gather there.  It really turned out so pretty this year.  All pinks and gold....

The fireplace downstairs....decorated...

Tuesday, I decided I would put away my Christmas dishes since they were all washed.  Well, one thing led to another and I did get all the plates (appetizer and dinner), bowls, cups, casserole dishes, etc. and packed them up.  Of course, I had to move out of the storage area all the other boxes that hold Christmas decorations so............The start of taking down the tree and carrying all the decorations from upstairs downstairs!  You can't see all the boxes in this picture.

Yes, this was/is a lot of work for ???  Only had a few folks actually see the house decorated...but that's ok.  I enjoyed it.

And, yes, I did get all the decorations and tree put away in the afternoon!  Hard to believe it all fits here but it does!  Bob said if it was up to him, he would take it out, decorate the tree but have to throw out a lot of decorations because he would never be able to get it all put away!  HA  I do have a system on where each box goes.  Plus, I keep all wrapping papers (all occasion) and ribbons, bags, etc. in this same space, which is a closet door width and over 5 feet deep!  I'm keeping these pics on this post so I remember how I decorated this year.  Since most of the kids never saw the tree or any decorations, I'll do the same for 2022! NO ZOOM CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Looks pretty boring now doesn't it!


  1. Your decorations were lovely and I enjoyed seeing them! I didn't decorate at home, but I did in my booth (cubical) at work. I did put most of the Xmas ones away and brought in my Cleveland Indians' Cats Meow pieces. Yes, I know they are not the Indians anymore, but I am not about to pitch my Cats Meow pieces. Heck the one piece has the original name of the stadium on it - Jacobs Field. I have no idea with the stadium's name is now. They seem to change them depending on who has the naming rights. I will have to take a picture of my display and post it tomorrow.

  2. Oh gosh, that IS a lot of work! Since Terry and I moved we just enjoy the decorations that Alyssa puts up. We have our own living space that is actually a wing of the house. I left my Christmas decorations for Laurie to use in our Indiana home but did bring all of my Halloween stuff. I love Halloween much more than Christmas and I think these little kids did too, lol. Not sure why because they got SO many Christmas presents. Well we are patiently waiting for "Winter" to pass but with temps in the 50-60 range it's hard to think of it as winter.
    xx, Carol


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