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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back at it!

It felt so good to be back playing with paints and fabric today!  Yep, that's exactly what I did!!  I need to get some ideas for my Valentine Fiber cards so figured I would start off making some background fabric.  So out came my paints, screens and stamps!!  My gelli plate was in that mess too...Jan and Larry stopped by today and I'm sure they were shocked at what was on their kitchen table and counter!!  I do have plastic down on the table and counters but it still looks daunting!

I was playing around with some tissue paper and decided to paint it...don't ask...I have no idea!

I used the gelli plate to do some mono printing on these pieces of red hand dyed fabric.

Then I decided to get out some of my theromo fax screens.  I wasn't that crazy about the pink color on the red but I do like this pattern.  I did a post about the screens I had Lynn K. make for me here.

So I took a yard piece of red hand dyed fabric and started screen printing.  I was using one of the larger screens Lynn printed for me.  But then I decided to add a heart stencil under the screen...well one thing led to another and then I decided to stamp with one of my hand made foam on cardboard stamps!  I just don't know when to stop!
So now to decide how the quilt the entire piece so I can cut it up for 5"x7" fiber cards.  I may just add some packing tape that I printed I said...never sure when I should stop!!


  1. What a transformation!! Play days are so important and I sure like what you've accomplished!

  2. It is hard to know when to stop, isn't it? Things always look even better with another layer! Jan's and Larry's eyebrows must have shot skyward when they got a look at all that paint. The Gelli Plate- just love that thing. You are well on your way to whatever this inspires. Fun work.


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