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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Screen Printing Sunday

A few weeks ago, I posted on my blog some fiber cards I  made using engineering drawings from my friend, Carol T's father.  I loved looking at his work and Carol was kind enough to give me several! of them so I could play!

 Well, I sent pics of some drawings to Lynn K. to create theromax screens for me.  I just rec'd them earlier this week and I've been itching to try them out!!

So, with Lynn's book, Intentional Printing, in hand,  along with some scrap fabric, I headed to the dye room!!

 I just happen to have some old, old, old (yes, really old!!) thickened dye in the frig so figured I'd give it a try!  I wasn't sure if it was black or dark, dark blue!  Turned out it was black...but that's ok...

This is one of the screen I had printed....I forgot to take a pic of the other screen...but you'll see results below! Pretty cool isn't it!  Well, I think so!!!  I see lots of hand stitching and possibly some beads!!

And this is another screen Lynn made.  It's larger than the circle screen.

I really like this one as well....

Thanks so much Carol for sharing your father's work with me!!  I know I'll use these in my art fact, I already have an idea for an upcoming project that is due in Sept.!!

And, a huge thanks to Lynn!!!  She had to do a lot of cleanup on the pictures I sent her!!!  I didn't realize the quality of your pictures could or would impact creating screens.   You can see on the circle printing some little fuzz's...but to tell the truth, I like that little distortion!!  I think it adds to the print!!  I am very happy with my screens!!!!

Now to go fold that laundry!  Boring!!!


  1. These blueprint works are fabulous. Very unique and interesting. Serene Sunday dear...

  2. The results are just great......fabulous idea to have screens made!

  3. These are intriguing, and it's always nice to hear the story behind them. Preserving those blueprints this way makes it more personal.

  4. Oh wow. This is such a personal base for the project you will use them in. Good thing September is not that far off because we can't wait to see!
    xx, Carol

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with these. I have some ideas for screens but decided to wait to have them made because I can't really get to that stuff probably even next year. Have fun!