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Friday, August 15, 2014

And I bet you didn't even miss me!

Just noticed that I haven't blogged since last Wednesday!!!  I think that may be the longest I haven't spilled nonsense words on my blog!!  But I have been busy...doing what!  Well....I think my last blog had to do with me cleaning out the was picking up my new car (yep, another Buick Enclave which I love, love, love!), then Amber had a sleepover last weekend, which was fun!

We did a lot of running the first day I picked her to Walmart for some shopping, had lunch, then meat market then home to wait for grandpa.  We made taco's for dinner then took Kalee and my neighbors dog, Logan, for a walk!  He's a hoot and I just love that guy, as well as their other two dogs...yep, they have three!!

On Saturday after making breakfast, we headed off to the Farmer's Market, Miejers then for a Starbucks to get us through the rest of the day.  I did take Amber home late afternoon when Nick's two football scrimmage's were over with.  Yes, JV football has started!!!

Sunday was my catchup cleaning and laundry day...for some reason I don't remember what Monday held!  Tuesday it was Nick and I alone as Amber went camping with a we went to a movie.  We saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and it was great!!  Special digital effects were wonderful!  We then had lunch out then back home to let out Brody and get Nick ready for football practice.  Wednesday was spa day for Kalee but I did have a chance to meet my bud, Mary, at Panera's until Kalee was ready.  Nice chatting with her.
Yesterday I worked some more on hand stitching projects.....this is a 12" square I did for the Singer/Quilting Daily challenge.

Well, the picture only shows part of it!  I you're so inclined, you can go to this link and vote for your far I have ONE vote!  And I didn't even vote for my own piece..I liked 'Modern Circles 3' and 'Circles Take the Square' and I did vote for the Modern Circle piece...can't believe some of these lady's have over 100 votes!
So at night or before dinner, I've been hand stitching two other projects and  trying to decide how to hand stitch my peacock quilt...all the free motion quilting is finished and now I'm having 2nd thoughts about the background for my beaded leaf.  Decisions, decisions...tomorrow I am going to play (after my cleaning is out of the way!).  I'm going to do some screen printing with some new screens I had made by Lynn K. over at Smudged Textiles Studio.  I am really excited and hope the screen turned out as I think they might!  The designs are rather'll see in a future post!!!  Have a good weekend all!!  I'm sure going to try!!


  1. Wow, you are so busy!!We looked at the Buick. I thought I might replace my Element, but I love it so much that it's hard to part ways. Which I had bought a new one before they stopped making them. We are still looking at other cars...its hard to part with the $$!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You are wrong.....I did wonder about your absense....good to hear you were out and about having fun!

    Loved your piece.....the balance of design was outstandingly well done, great colors, and the depth of texture you achieved made me want to look again and again!

  3. You have been on the run! I like the title of your quilt, and there are so many techniques used in it. Very nice. How to pick one favorite- there are nearly 60 quilts on the site, and so many beauties!

  4. I see you have been very busy as always. I just voted for your beautiful piece. Summer Bliss...


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