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Friday, August 1, 2014

3 Rs Challenge

The Art Quilters Around the World Blog Challenge is here!  Our challenge is 3R's (Reuse, Recyle and Reduce)  This is what I came up with for this challenge.

For those who follow my blog, you may remember this 'hum bug' bag I made last fall for a buddy.  

I love cutting up my old bud, Mary Andrews, actually got me started doing this a few years ago...or should I say 'gave us permission' to do this!!   I haven't stopped since! Mary was and still is cutting up her quilts, so she is my inspiration!

The original piece was a bleached shibori piece of fabric my daughter made several years ago.  I had hand stab stitched along with some embroidery stitches.  
Also, back in 2010, I was playing with burning Tyvek for another exhibit, so thought I would combine both of these left over pieces in our challenge!  

So from all of these pieces...

..this is my finished piece.....11.5" x 16.5"  

There are a lot of hand stitches in the black background...And the orange/yellow area was free motion quilted.  I joined each piece using some leftover binding I had from another project.

This was a fun challenge and I had an opportunity to Re-use (old quilts), Re-purpose (quilt pieces) and Re-duce (my stash)!  


  1. Now its your turn.....YOU'VE inspired me to look at some of my older pieces with a recycling eye. I also have several old, tattered quilts that were given to me. Years ago I cut some apart and used to make angels and bunnies etc.....but there's still a lot left. Thank you!!

  2. It's a very vibrant piece. Great

  3. You are very brave to cut up your gorgeous quiltings. Some how you manage to create even more beautiful gifts. Love this Hum-Bug bag. Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. We're back from Maine- lovely trip- and I'm catching up on blog posts. This is adorable, and I love how much texture is packed into a small project. Very nice.


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