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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a great end to summer with kids

I am hoping I can show some 'corner's' of the projects I'm working on!!  It's so hard not to post pictures of my work on my blog!!!  I like to see the progress on the piece but....guess I'll just have to start some new projects that I can share!  Until's all about my family!  Which isn't all bad!

We had a great day today, grand kids and I!  We played0 Putt Putt, then the kids hit balls on the driving range then off to Culver's for a great lunch! about so much food!  I couldn't even eat dinner tonight...although, I'm sitting here munching on some pretzel sticks...OH...and grandma even got a hole in one on the 1st hole...after that it was downhill!!  Kids start school a week from today....they are each going to new schools...Nick the Middle school and Amber the High school....

Amber aiming high!!!  It was 88 degrees today...seems more like Florida weather..humid too...

Nick had a good swing

He actually beat Amber and I at Putt Putt

Our balls were this close on one hole

Just a fun day!

Just like a walk in the woods!!

A great end to our summer long days together...more memories.....


  1. You'll have to take pictures in stages and then show the progression when you can finally post the projects. Looks like a fun day. Hole in one? Should be a prize for that, yes?

  2. Those darned grandkids are so much fun, aren't they! I only have one senior left in school and he is headed to Purdue next year.

    Watching the kids get on the bus when school started brought back lots of memories.
    xx, Carol

  3. Kids do keep us young and active. I actually like to play miniature golf but don't do it very often. Back to school is well under way here.


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