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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to hex horse!

So today I decided to start piecing the background for my hex horse!  I've shown this 'hex' fabric I made

which will be placed under my background piece..yea, that's the scary part is cutting away the horse...I plan to fuse the background (after cutting out the horse!) to my hex fabric...well, it's my thought so far!

I think some of this fabric I dyed and stamped will work good  for the background.  It's a good contrast that's for sure!

So today I started to slice and stitch up the background.  I'm about 1/4 of the way finished.  I need at least an 18" x 22" background piece (my finished piece needs to be 16" x 20").

I cut out the horse to create a pattern to drawn onto the background..yep, that's the scary part I mentioned above.'s getting there.  I hope to finish it up tomorrow sometime then draw on the background and add fusible webbing to the back.
I'm planning on fusing the background onto my hex fabric.  I was going to needle turn but I think it will be best to fuse then I can stitch around the horse or not!
Who knows until I finish!

Also, today I was 'clearning and clearing' out my sewing room!!  I can't believe all the quilts I have finished the past few years!  Geezzzzz   What to do with them!!!   I did decide for my smaller pieces (12"  -14") I'm going to add some D rings to them and make another quilt book!  You can see the diary I created a few years go which was my inspiration here.  Otherwise, these little quilts just sit there!

 Anyway, thinking off my Mandy girl and came across this small quilt I made in 2009, 'Our House is Now a Home' was for an exhibit, Lynn Krawczyk curated for her exhibit, Breaking Traditions.   It's a picture of my Mandy girl....she's always in my thoughts....I cried when I found it today.

I used light weight metal for the house designs and of course there are a few beads on it...but mainly stitching and printing on fabric.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of my clearing out I did today!  I'm pooped!!!


  1. The background will be very interesting. And you better meditate and get is a quiet place with no distractions- then cut out the horse. Love the house, and your idea of another quilt book is great. I love fabric journals, and yours just basically needs to get bound together.

  2. Loving the way the horse is coming together....and your Mandy tribute is so touching...

  3. I completely understand your tears for Mandy...I still miss my BooBoo Kitty and shed tears. They are such heart stealers! Love your quilt book and how it makes it so easy to enjoy each one while sipping a soothing cuppa. Hex Horse will be such a ShowStopper!!! Creative Purging Bliss...


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