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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

12"x12" challenge for 2020!

 Last spring five of us decided to do another 12"x12" exchange challenge for 2020.  These are always fun to participate in.  A 12"x12" square isn't that difficult or time consuming to make.  And you can make them all the same or different and you don't have to make one for yourself, but I like to keep one along with the ones I receive back.

It's always fun to see the different quilts as well as the different techniques and styles we each work in!  So here are the 12"x12" squares from this year, in order I received them!  Do click on each picture to appreciate the work each lady put into their quilt.  Thank you each!  I love what I received! 

This was completed by Tommy!  Some of you know her as 'Tommy The Material Girl'.  She no longer has her blog available for folks other than family but she still has her Tommy Cooks blog that has some fantastic recipes on it!

Tommy has her own unique style and I always love seeing what she's completed for our challenge!  What a great use of color and design and use of the quilting to add to that design!  Love it, Tommy!

This quilt is by Gayle who lives in Michigan and recently moved to a new home!  And she still finished her quilts for this challenge!  You'll have to click to see the detail Gayle added with embroidery stitches and machine quilting.  Her French Knots are beautiful and consistent!  Well done, Gayle!

This piece was done by Carol who lives in Santa Rose, California!   Carol did a great job incorporating machine and hand embroidery as well as machine and hand quilting on geli painted fabric!  Lots of techniques but she pulled it off didn't she!  

Also, check out the card Carol included with her quilt!  These are the five quilts she made!  I think this is a special touch and what a keepsake!  Thanks Carol for the wonderful quilt and card!

This next lovely piece is by Mary who lives in Indiana!  Some of you  may follow Mary's blog.  Mary posts so many beautiful pictures of flowers, nature, landscape, etc. (in addition to some of her quilts).  It's no surprise to see Mary create a quilt with a nature theme!  Once again, workmanship is as wonderful as is  her choice of fabrics to complete the piece.  Click on the picture to see her beautiful machine work on the leaf. 

This is one of the five I created using my own leaf stencil printed fabrics and hand embroidery as well as free motion quilting.

  I didn't have enough of either fabric to make five using the same leaf prints so two received the green/yellow and two received the turquoise/blue, and I kept this green/yellow.  I had enough to make three.   

What fun these type of exchanges are!  Gather up four or five of your quilting buddies and get started!  Just make sure they are folks who will commit to completing the challenge!


  1. What a treat to see these- all so different and just lovely! I'm sure it's a treat to receive them, too.

  2. What a treat for the eye……such inspiration…..thank you for sharing…..

  3. How lovely to have a special keepsake from a friend

  4. Robbie, What a wonderful challenge! I love every one of them.

  5. Always love to see how diverse each person is. These look great singly and in a group.
    xx, Carol

  6. What wonderful pieces...each so different and unique!


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