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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The knitting saga continues!

Still working on my knitted cotton T....dogs were laying up on the sewing table, I'm watching taped episodes of The Voice...knitting along....when all of a more stitches!  WHAT!!!????  Keep in mind, I'm knitting in the round so there should be a continuous flow of stitches! This is what happened!

The cable broke off from my needle!!!   

OMG...thought I would lose my mind...first off I had to 'capture' those stitches before I totally lost them!  So out came some stitch holders as well as some of my double pointed needles, yada, yada!  
And after I shut off the radio and my hubby from talking....I was able to get all the stitches back on another cable in the right direction.  For those who knit, you'll know what I mean by that!  Whew!!!  

I have a long way to go...sleeves need more length and addition of lace pattern as does the main bottom of the top will have lace but I'm on a roll now!!!  Until the next malfunction occurs!  It's actually funny as my sister is making this same pattern.  She's had to rip out several rows for different reasons so we're always comparing to see who has the next 'mishap'!  She'll be finished way before me and I'm hoping neither of us have any other major problems.  

And yes, the Signature Needle company is sending me a new cable!  They are a great company and I love their needles....just a fluke!


  1. Geezzzz Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen….glad you resolved the problem… least temporarily

  2. Disaster averted! That had to be a moment of shock. Glad you were able to recapture the stitches... with great concentration. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. That would have given me a little heart attack and generated a lot of bad words! Glad you were able to fix it.


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