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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Hubby's Christmas gift 2020!


Bob and I don't exchange Christmas gifts nor do we buy for our birthday's, etc.  but I like to get Bob just a little something...his favorite candy (which he got for his birthday)  is the norm...and this year I got him a car!  

Bob has a new winter interest since he can't fly his planes...they are little race trucks and cars. OK, this present is  not like his other car or truck he can race...but I figured with all these parts it should keep him busy!


Dogs love them!  HA    This is one of the 'real' trucks he has to race.  He'll race them around the upstairs and downstairs he has  whole racing course set up!  

New car!

37 pieces...think this will keep hubby busy!

Directions??  Hmmmmm, who ever reads directions!  Guess we'll see!

Next post will be our time with the kids...via Zoom!


  1. Super entertainment for Bob and the girls! Well done. Happy holidays to you.

  2. Excellent…..we gotta keep these retired guys busy!!!


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