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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Knitting progress


We've had some snow this week and actually had a white Christmas, which was beautiful!  

This is our view from the dining room...we have woods all along our back yard, which is so beautiful no matter what time of year.  Deer walk through the woods and then jump the farm fence and travel throughout our sub!  We see them on our security camera often!  Even when the security light comes on, they just look up and keep on grazing or cute!

Of course, there was football (which I love) and basketball (which I do not love!  HA) on TV for the past few I did take some time off  from housework, chores and sat watching football and knitted!  I'm making progress on my cotton T...I may finish by spring afterall!  

The color doesn't show up correctly and I haven't altered or adjusted it.  The yarn is a pale lime's really a pretty color and I usually wear spring colors, so I am happy with this choice.

This is the lace pattern...of course, the top will be blocked and the pattern will show up even more...I think!  HA

I need to add the sleeves, which I have  just started.  That dark green yarn you see is my 'life line'...just in case I make a mistake, I can 'unrip' to those 54 stitches and start over!  HA  Ask me how many times in knitting I have used a 'life line'...and how many times I didn't put in a life line and needed it!  Takes me awhile but I am learning!  HA

The sleeves will have the same lace pattern  that is on the bottom of the T.  Now I just hope this bugger fits correctly!  You never know!!!!  


  1. Good progress, and that lace pattern is just so pretty! Pretty wintry pics, too. Sending you an e-mail later today to catch up.

  2. Oh my goodness your knitting is simply wonderful…..looks so darn complex. Kuddos to you!

  3. I love the delicate lace pattern and that yummy pale green color!


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