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Monday, January 4, 2021

Michigan Winter Wonderland 2021

 I posted some of these on FB but want to have them for my 2021 blog book.  You have to admit a winter snow day is beautiful!!!  I ended up putting on boots and walked around the yard yesterday. 

The snow/ice was melting as I walked around taking pictures.  Our temps got up to 35 in the afternoon.

The driveway was even melting the snow/ice that I didn't get pushed to the side.

This tree was beautiful!!!

The girls look dirty compared to the white snow!

 I  shoveled/pushed  snow off the driveway.  I couldn't lift the snow with my shoulder but my stomach provided the 'wall' to hold the shovel for pushing off the snow.  Bob was at the flying field with some of his buds!  Yep, he actually flew his little plane with pontoons on instead of wheels!  He had a ball and I'm so glad he had such a great day.  Now to get back to knitting...working on the second lace sleeve on my T top.  This bugger better fit!


  1. And you would leave this beautiful sites for Florida??? Why :)

  2. It's beautiful...the trees especially. I'm from New York and we've always had a lot of snow..but N.C....not so much...I miss these big snowfalls especially if I don't have to go anywhere and can just be at home and enjoy looking at it.

  3. Yes, serenely beautiful…….and better you get the snow than me!! Ha ha


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