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Thursday, January 14, 2021

A gift and playtime!

 Look what my wonderful "Q" bud from Florida (aka Susan) send me! 

 She's so sweet and knows how much I love sketchbooks and journals.  This one can be used for lots of most art's 80lb acid free paper!  Can't wait to get started to fill it up.  Susan gifted me several  journals over the years.  One I use for Hilary's online's over half way filled already!  Thank you my friend...I think of you anytime I use one of your special journal gifts!!

And I did print a page in my new journal  Well, sorta a print...I was painting over the stencil of the crows from a screen print.  Working on using the crow silhouette I showed on my blog before....just trying some different ways of using the print!

This past weekend (after finishing the knitted project) I was ready to get back to some artwork.  Our online class with Hilary starts back up this week.  So, as I was watching some video's folks had recommended, I came across a cool YouTube channel called "Art Prof:  Create & Critique".  They have some really interesting video' I had to play a little...after all I have so many papers I've made in Hilary's online class..good use of the ones I'm not so crazy about!  

This project is called the Lotus Fold Artist book...kinda fun and similar to the Squash Book I made for Amber back in 2019.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this...perhaps write inside each section...or stamp...or do nothing!  Now there's an idea!

The cover is 4.5 inches and sheets inside are 8 inch folded...these were some ugly papers I had...just to practice with.

The pale purple are the covers..and the other squares are the folded pieces of papers.

When the piece unfolds, this is what it looks like!


Kinda a cool folding technique isn't it!

Just a picture of it being folded back together

I hung it up on my wall...didn't know what else to do with it...but might fold back again...don't want to ruin the folding!

Not a good background...but you get the idea!  So now onto working to create my canvas background for our online lesson!


  1. Did I miss your knitting finish? Must go back and look. Ah, journals- aren't they so satisfying? And folded books- fascinating!

  2. I enjoy seeing all the interesting ways you use your ‘Hilary’ paper… inspiring!


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