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Friday, August 9, 2019

Happy 20th Birthday, Amber!

Amber's 20th birthday was last Friday but we celebrate a few days late this past weekend.  Darrin smoked pork...yum...yum....It had such great flavor!!!  And we had leftovers for the next day!!

Kris did her normal wonderful hostess bit with all the fixings....buns, cole slaw, roasted potatoes, large fruit bowl, corn on the cob....and of course, we ate appetizers before hand!!  Yes, we were all stuffed!  Well, Bob and I were that's for sure!  HA

Here is our beautiful birthday girl!!  

Her dad teased her quite a bit about blowing out the candles.

And the cake was delicious...well, I only tasted some crumbs.  Bob and I were so full we took our cake home to eat the next day!

At 20, it's hard to purchase birthday gifts, so I gave Amber four gift cards (Taco Bell, Panera, Starbucks - all close to her college!  And a Visa gift card).  I decided to make a squash book to hold the cards and that worked out great!   I used my stenciled/over dyed papers I've been working on this year.

My bud, Mary, suggested I hold the gift cards in place with those little circle glue thingies.  Worked out great!

The back of the book shows the black card stock so I wrote little notes from 'grandma' in white gel pen. I forgot to take a picture but you can see some of the white lettering in this picture of Amber looking at the cards!

Amber really like her gift and she mentioned to me me that she's never spent the 50 $1 bills I made into a pad for her birthday in 2017!  You can read about that 'dollar pad' here.    I said "you haven't spent it!"  She and her mom said not one dollar!  I wrote little notes to her on each bill (you can see some of the writings in the post link above).  How sweet is that!  I told her to spend them...and just think you'll make some one's day when they read the notes (e.g.  you are beautiful, you are radiant).  Maybe she might spend them now!  HA  Now to think of what I can do for Nick's birthday in September!  Sometimes it's hard being a grandma!!  But I love it!


  1. Well, we have been following Amber's birthdays for a while now. You always come up with the greatest ways to package your grand's gifts.
    xx, Carol

  2. What a wonderful and creative grandma you are! And that cake looks too beautiful to eat.


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