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Friday, August 23, 2019

More screen printing with paints

Sometimes you just can't stop playing!  This week we're using leaves to screen print on fabric and/or paper.  Here are some of my playtime results!  Once again, screen printing with leaves on left and after (over dyeing) on the right...these were done on paper. 

This was the first print...I used some weed that I found but it didn't print very well.   Kinda ugly but you gotta show the good and the bad, right!

Think there were several different leaves I used in this one!

I think this is a milk weed???

Now this was a weed...kinda like little pine stems...Bob thought it was weird but I really like the print.  Actually, I liked it better before dyeing the white.  But, oh well!

I wanted to print on fabric and decided to cheat and use some of my previous not so great over dyed/masked prints on fabric.  Worked out pretty good and I didn't have to over dye them!  Good use for this pale mask printed fabric!

Ditto here too...this pic (on left) was quite pale after printing with mask/dyes...and I used that pine needle weed again!

This one turned out pretty good.   It's actually really a deep orange at the bottom..doesn't show up that well in this picture but the green is brighter/deeper and looks good against the orange.

This is the only one I left 'as is' over dyeing.  Yet!  Don't think I will...I did try to print some areas of the white with the paint remaining on the leaf. 

Just having fun!  I'm also working on using some of the deli paper prints  and putting them on pages in my  Octopus Sketchbook.  Hilary showed this book or maybe it was one of our group in the MIP online class who showed it.  Cool book that has 8 concertina arms with 4 panels to work on each side.  I've only got 4 panels filled in so far.  Good way to use the deli papers...most of the time we use them to blot the excess  paints from the paper or fabric we're printing.   Should be able to post this weekend a picture of what I have so far. 


  1. Interesting how they change. I love the blue over orange print, and leaves are a great choice for these. You'll be a master! Scooter is doing lots better, thanks for checking.

  2. Your results are so rich and organic. I really like the weed prints.

  3. Wonderful…’ve created some real winners here….

  4. Makes me want to print,
    the summer has been so busy and
    now its ending.


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