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Friday, August 2, 2019

Screen printing with masks

We continue to play with screen printing in our MIPonline class...this time using a mask similar to what we used when we printed with the gelli plate.  This was a mask I cut out to print with.  Nothing like making it complicated!  I should have picked one object but I wasn't thinking.  HA

It was fun to print different layers but using both the positive and negative of the mask was a little challenging!

Some prints turned out better than others and some just not so great!  HA

Printed on cotton sateen

It's also interesting to see the difference when you print on different fabrics.  I've mostly used cotton sateen for dyeing and screen printing. stash is nil so I found some small pieces of sateen and just grabbed some unbleached muslin.

This was the unbleached muslin

Again, unbleached muslin

You can really see the difference in printing...look at these two side by side using the same stencil/dyes and just different fabrics!  Sateen on the left and unbleached muslin on the right.

This turned out quite pastel, which is nice...again on cotton sateen.

This was a mask I used when I did some mono printing so I thought I'd screen print a few pieces with it too...I'm showing it printed on a piece of fabric or was it paper, not the actual mask!

Screen printed on paper!  Thought I'd give it a go!

This was really pastel but very pretty I why not mess it up!  HA

I grabbed a stamp and stamped on top of the leaf mask.  Actually, it's not bad and I can use this piece somewhere I'm sure!

 We have two weeks to play with our screen printing as well as using our pencils, etc. to enhance our printed pieces.   I'm thinking of making another mask...just not sure what it is I want to print this time.  I also ordered some new dyes as I'm not happy with some of the colors I've been choosing!  So it should be an interesting two weeks!  Hilary is off to vend at The Festival of Quilts in the UK!  I'm so jealous as a few or our MIP ladies are off to the show!!!  I would love to meet Hilary in person but until she comes to the states, guess I'll have to settle for 'talking' with her via her FB live videos on our MIP page!


  1. Fun explorations, and the sateen vs. muslin is interesting. I like your "three-leaf" stencil/mask design. The postive/negative concept eludes me sometimes- it forces me to think things through and it's not my strong suit!

  2. Wow….these are very inspiring successful prints. I’ve not had a lot of experience working with masks…’s always been a bit confusing to me but through your posts I now have a better understanding and reason to try it! Thank you!


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