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Sunday, August 11, 2019

More screen printing

We've had the past two weeks off from our MIP online class with Hilary.  She was vending and doing demo's at the Festival of Quilts in the UK.  So rather than get out of the swing of things I decided to do some more screen printing.

I've actually decided why I like deconstructed screen printing better than printing with a mask, etc.  With deconstructed printing, I don't have to think about a pattern or a design!  I just lay whatever items I find laying around or pieces of papers/bubble wrap/etc. that I've saved on my screen.  Easy!  This printing with a mask takes some thought!

Here are the masks I was using the past two weeks.  The leaf mask was starting to rip so I did make a new one to use.

Some of my results!

This was the first pass....the last orange picture below is this piece after several printing 'sessions'!  HA

This is piece above after I added additional printing.

I may use some of these to screen print over again.  I think we'll be using leaves or nature to screen print with in our next lesson.  Can't see using the orange/terra cotta pieces so they might work well with brown leaves! 

This piece was stamped three different times...allowing each printing to dry in between.  I  presoaked my fabric(s) in soda ash solution before the original printing.  This was printed on cotton sateen.

This was printed on poplin.  I'm quite happy with the leaf mask pieces.  Think they will make a nice table topper. 

I plan on dyeing the background(s) on each of these at some point.  I'll just do low water immersion...well, that's my thought today!  Who knows what I'll end up doing at a later date!


  1. Wow- I love your leaf prints! So much experimentation going on. Yes, I'm sure the masks do require more thought and planning. But the results are really nice.

  2. They are more work than deconstructive but so beautiful and effective!

  3. I reallly, really like the results of your mask printing….but I too feel the decision over what to print would stall me……not into making decisions these days!! ha ha

  4. Love it. Love it all! I had so wanted this summer to be so productive. So fall all I've done is be sick!


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