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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Another book finished!

This was a fun book to work on and great way to do some hand embroidery!  I think about 6 pages  are machine stitched, as are the spine covers..all the other pages are hand stitched.  The book is 5"x5" and each page is covered in papers I made in the MIP online class with Hilary B.   Some pages are printed, some are scrap prints used to blot my pages with and some are over dyed with procion dyes.
 front cover

Front cover

Back cover

And spine which is hand woven with Perle cotton.

Just a few pages hand stitched.....

And here is an animation of the 30 pages (15 signatures)!  Hope it's not too fast!!


  1. This is outstanding, Robbie!!

  2. You continue to blow me away with your talents!!!

  3. Beautiful! Where do you get the energy to keep making so many wonderful projects?

  4. Love this book! And as I look at other posts I'm impressed with your play with screen printing. I always intend to do more surface design experimentation but somehow it isn't happening!


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