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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Boring I know - More Mono Printing!

 Yep...more mono printing!  A gal has to keep busy, right!  And I haven't decided on my next knitting project yet, so...I have to play, right! 

This is the piece I showed in my last mono print blog post. 

I've added a strip at the top and started to fill in the the tree trunk the little bird is attached to.  So interesting, very few have noticed the little bird on the bottom!  HA  I found this picture in the Bird and Bloom magazine and thought he would fit!

Now to add stitching...the papers are fused on a piece of batting (12"x12").  

These are some other mono prints I did using layering technique and ghost prints.  I really like how they  each turned out.

For my next collage I used the print above (on the left) and part of the print, on the right, in this picture.

The orange strip(s) are from some older papers I've printed last summer or maybe the summer before!  HA

I'm happy with how this one turned out.  Again, I need to think about stitching or whatever!  This one is 9"x10", again, fused on a piece of batting.

Today we're enjoying some time inside...what a unique idea!  HA  Snow started around 5 a.m. and we've received about 2 should taper off by afternoon so we'll just enjoy the beauty of a Michigan winter from inside our house! 



  1. Looks like a winter wonderland. I love the complex layering in these latest pieces!

  2. Snow is beautiful, you have a magical view of it....Love your monoprints, and the small format...Nice to be able to try something new without a big investment of time a larger piece would entail...also cool your hubby likes to put them on your end tables!

  3. Your mono printing is never boring to me….keep it coming!


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