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Sunday, December 27, 2020

A 2020 Zoom Christmas!

 Thank goodness for modern technology!  I am sure most of us took advantage of Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo and all the other apps available to see and celebrate with our family and friends this Christmas.  Yes, it was unusual but I am so thankful at least we could see and talk with the kids.  

Bob and I delivered presents to the kids house the day before Christmas Eve.  It was a beautiful day for a drive...sunny, blue sky and clean roads!  HA  Christmas Eve is the day we usually have my kids over to celebrate with food, of course, presents and that laughter!  This year instead of in person, we had a fun filled Zoom session!  Lots of laughter, which is normal for the kids!    I'm being a good "mum" and not posting one of the pics Amber took...either my SIL, Jeff, or my daughter will kill me!  HA

The kids gave us presents  (MaryJo/Ron's gifts arrived via mail!!) as well and LOTS and LOTS of cookies....I finally put some of the cookies in the freezer!  My walking bud, Donna, also gave us some yummy cookies but we almost finished eating those!  Every cookie was/is so good which made it difficult to walk past the trays of cookies without grabbing one!  So many special and great gifts!  We are SO, SO lucky to have such great kids!!!

Christmas Day is our normal get together with Bob's daughter, Diane and her hubby, Don.  So we did a Zoom session!  Again, this worked out great!  We had a nice visit and kids got to open their presents.    It was kinda funny with the dogs...Diane has a Basset rescue, Zoe and of course we have our two.  Well, once one of the dogs started barking they were all barking.  For the most part we ignored them but it was cute that each household could hear the other household dog barks!  

Later Christmas Day we had our final Zoom session of the day with the kids in Ohio!  Bob's son, Ron and DIL, MaryJo, live in Indiana but they were spending the weekend with Kayla/Nate and our grandson, Ian at K & N's house in Ohio.  Worked out great so  they were all together....we didn't get a Zoom pic but kids sent this picture of the family.  

All in all a nice visit with the kids BUT...their Christmas present that was mailed on 12/11 never reached the kids house in Indiana for them to take with them to Ohio!  😝  So frustrating...and I understand our Christmas cards didn't make it to our family and friends either and they were mailed on 12/13!  

And how cute is this!  Rilynn got an 'electric' car!  Right now they are driving it for her remotely but soon she'll be doing all the driving!

Isn't this the sweetest chef!!!  Rilynn got the kitchen set behind her!  Just sad we have only seen her in person once...but again, thank goodness for Zoom, FaceBook and Instagram!
At least we could see and talk to the kids this year even if not in person!!!  Yes, it was a different Christmas but certainly makes us appreciate the time we have with family.  And I am still planning a Christmas in July dinner!  Might have to work around Nick's graduation party but we'll do it!!!  Covid...go away!!!


  1. Well it's been an odd year, but the Zoom festivities helped. Oh my gosh, the car and the kitchen- how cute! Glad you had a good holiday. Like you, I mailed a package out on December 12 and it's reported still "in transit".

  2. Yes, thank goodness for Zoom...think I heard their stock has surprise. Glad you had a great day...far different for most of us but at least we're healthy and able to celebrate. Christmas in July sounds wonderful....Happy New Year...It's going to be a great year!

  3. Awesome…..we too helped Zoom’s profits grow….as we watched our grandchildren open the gifts we had sent out to CA. Thankful for that opportunity…..Happy New Year 2021 and good riddance to 2020.


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