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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have to say I love Face Book!  Never thought I would and I did resist 'signing up'...but I'm so glad I finally took the plunge!   I've found so many great recipes, old friends and family and new places to shop!  So this post is on some of my recent, favorite finds from FB!

This first 'find' is from Brenda at A Touch of Glass Jewelry!  I love her work and yes, I did purchase a cuff for myself.  It's very similar to this one below.  I'm just too lazy to take a picture.  You have to go to Brenda web site and check out all she has!
This is a quote from Brenda's site:  "This cuff bracelet is made from a slightly flexible aluminum, allowing you to adjust the size to your wrist. It measures 6.625" x 1.625" and slips right on the wrist.  The image is dyed & heat pressed into the aluminum bracelet itself.  Each one has 3 different images of my Painted Ladies."  

Actually, the  one I purchased is the first one in the picture above!  We're headed to the kids this afternoon for a so called final barbecue of the summer, so I might just wear it today!  Brenda has lots of other painted items so head over and check out her work!!  Amazing detail for such small items she works on. 

I have to thank an 'old' (she's not really old!) buddy who does fabulous jewelry works for posting the link to Brenda's web site on FB.  Christine creates jewelry using metal, leather and bottle caps!  If you want to see some great art work, you have to call it art!, check out Christine's web site.  

Of course I have to talk about a food 'find' from FB!!  And yep, it's a dessert!  I have to thank my daughter for posting a link from one of her friends showing a BD cake she received.  The cake looked so good and her friend said it was the best cake, off I trekked one day with Kalee and headed to Tasty Layers bake shop.  I didn't want to buy a whole cake so opted for cupcakes instead.  
I've been there twice!  The mounds cupcakes are awesome and so is the Royal Red Velvet and so get the here are some other pictures for you!

The pic above is called a Malted chocolate and this one is banana split.

Oh my gosh...are they ever good...and the butter cream frosting is the best I've had from a bake shop.  Bob thinks they're too sweet but I don't think so...I'm a frosting fanatic so they're perfect for me.  The cake is so moist and melts in your mouth!   So if  you're in the Burton/Davison area stop in for a treat!  YUM!!!!!  I was telling Nick and Amber about their cupcakes so the next time I head down for my Wed. I'll make sure to stop the day before and pick them each one up!  I'll have to take the menu with me so they can pick out one they might like.  They must have over 20 different varieties!    So hard to pick but I don't think any of them would not be good!!!  
So those are just some of my finds on FB!!   Now I'm off to play Suzie Homemaker and get some food stuff ready to take this afternoon!  


  1. Malted choc. cupcake....really?!!? I won't be satisfied till I whip some up for myself....I'm a sucker for malt! Tx's for the inspiration!

  2. Those look so yummy! I love FB for the info that I find there and the friends that I keep up with! The drama part...I delete!

    Have fun!


  3. I haven't been into FB too much, but I probably venture father away from my Timeline now...why you ask?....Because Thursday is my final day job work day. On Friday I will be leisurely retired!

    Thanks for the links. I'm going to check them out. Love the bracelets.

  4. Great cuff! And those cupcakes... I'd prefer to not know where a bakery like that is located.. it's safer that way!


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