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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Road Less Travel Reveal

Today is our reveal on the online blog, Art Quilts Around The World.  Make sure to click on the link and see all the great pieces this group have done...not only with this challenge, Road Less Traveled, but past challenges.

This is my little contribution!  I had my one inch hex's and knew there would be a use for them!  The printed pattern just seemed like a road to me!  As my friends know, I don't get very deep in my work!  Hence, that's all I saw was a other meaning!  All our pieces are to be 11.5" x 16.5"...or thereabouts!

I stitched the hex pattern and painted with fabric paints.

I should have turned this picture but can you see my road!!!  OK, I have an imagination...again, I'm not deep....just had to come up with something for a road less traveled!  Works for me!

I stitched around the pattern hex's then added beads...couldn't help myself!


  1. Wow....what a stunner.....modern meets traditional!

  2. I think this is beautiful. The road less traveled is not always easy to see...or follow...however I see your road of hexies and they are amazing. Very nicely done dear...


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