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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ugo Who?

Our Aussome Study Group has selected most of the master artists we'll be creating quilts for our next group exhibit. So far, we have Tiffany, Dr. Seuss, Peter Max, George Rodrigue (Blue Dog), Ugo Nespolo and I think my choice may be Annie Manero...haven't set this pick in stone yet, but more on that choice later.
So who the heck is Ugo Nespolo?  LoisAnn is one of our members who chose Ugo.  LA and her hubby lived in Italy for almost six years and guess where Ugo is from!  Yep...Italy!  So no surprise there that she picked him for one of our Master series artists.  Actually, his work is kinda cool...just do a google on his name and you'll see what I mean.  Anyway, this is the picture I'm using for my inspiration to create an art quilt from!

I really am drawn to this piece, most likely due to the horse!  You can take the "girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"...something like that!  Today, I found a coloring page of a horse, so that's my starting point.  Now to figure out the design and background and process!  LA has finished her piece and it's AMAZING!  Wish I could show a our next fiber meeting I'll ask if I can share a snippet of it...LA does beautiful work!!!  Ugo would be proud of what LA created!

I have been beading...actually, I've finished more than what's in this photo...Tiger's keep me beading at night!
And I've even ordered a Christmas gift already!  WooHoo!  Best get busy on my process for Ugo!  I have a feeling this may be a challenge for sure!  
Beautiful day again the 60's, sun shining...just a perfect fall day!  I love fall!!!

A, andiiiI


  1. Ugo, you say? This will be interesting. The cuff is beautiful.. nice and wide.

  2. Always nice to learn new things. Ugo will not be a stranger now. I was thinking you selected this design inspiration for the lettering class you are taking. Beautiful beading once again. You are amazing dear...


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